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Declutter: Lips


As you might be able to guess it is time for my final declutter installment, this one is all about lips, lipsticks, lip glosses, lip balms, liquid lipsticks and everything lip related. This one is also going to have a mix of styles, somewhere I show you all the products in that section and somewhere I just show you what I’m getting rid of due to having just so many lip products, I imagine this one is going to be the longest post yet so let’s not waste any time and jump right into it.

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Declutter: Eyes


It’s time for part three of my declutter, today we will be focused on all of the eye products that are leaving my makeup collection. I will also be doing this post a little different, I have a ton of eye stuff so instead of showing it all off, I’m just going to be showing and talking about the things that I am getting rid of, so let’s talk eyes.

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Declutter: Face


It’s time for a short little series here on the blog this week, I’ve gone back and forth and debated on whether or not I wanted to do this, but I’ve decided to make a post about it. I have decluttered more since doing this but the things that I’ve decluttered in this post are still decluttered. The other thing is I think I’m going to do is solely talk about the products that I am getting rid of and why, so let’s jump into part one of this declutter, the face products.

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Battle: Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance vs. Makeup Geek Singles

Untitled design

It’s that fantastic time of the month again, the time where I talk about product dupes, I really love doing these because it’s always nice to know if you can get a product for less or if it’s just not worth it. Last month was all about blushes and this month is about eyeshadow, I’ll be putting Modern Renaissance up against some Makeup Geek shades. I was inspired by this photo that I saw on Pinterest, which I did not do all of the shades as I just wanted to do this shades that I already owned, so today we will be talking about five of the shades. If you guys are really interested in seeing more dupes from the Modern Renaissance I might do the rest sometime in the future, but for now, I’m doing five, so let’s get into it.

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Disney Inspired: Aurora

Disney Inspired

I think I’m in a little bit of a Disney princesses slump here, last month it was Jasmine and the month before Rapunzel, and now I plan on doing Aurora, at this point I’m debating just keeping up with doing all the princesses but at the same time that pretty much plans out my entire Disney inspired look for the next year, so I’m not sure about it. We’ll see what happens, but either way I know for the time being that I am doing Aurora because I saw something somewhere that inspired me to use her as inspiration this month. So, let’s jump right on into Aurora.

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Worth The Splurge!

ProductsWorth The Splurge

This post started out with me wanting to talk about all of the products that I thought were worth the splurge, however, this just ended up being makeup products, which I think is fine. The journey to get here was a little bit of me being conflicted, I’m too indecisive when it comes to everything that I was looking through my makeup and picking out products, which ended up with me picking out too many things and having to put things away. I think I settled on a fair amount of my favorite more splurge worth items, so let’s talk about them.

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Mini Haul: Glossier

Mini Haul-Glossier

Today I have a tiny little mini Glossier haul, it’s very small and I’m not even completely sure it can be called a haul but I am going to call it one, it consists of two items which I plan on giving mini-reviews. I think the theme of this post is minis, the products, however, aren’t minis. Anyway, let’s jump on in and talk about the couple of Glossier products I just had to get my hands on.

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Review: Okalan Earth Eyeshadow Palette


I’ve been eyeing the Lime Crime Venus 2 palette for a little while now, so when I came across this clear dupe on the shop hush website I had to pick it up and try it out. I’ve always been curious about this one but was never able to bite the bullet because of the colors, they all look like colors I would enjoy using but I wasn’t sure how they would work together so I’m happy to get to test out this affordable dupe.

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Favorite Fall Scents 2017!

Favorite FallScents

I’m not sure if this is random or not but today’s topic is something I want to talk about, today is all about fall scents that I love, which pretty much just means candles that I love during the fall time. I mostly talk about beauty on the blog but I said a while ago that I was going to let myself talk about whatever it is I wanted to talk about on here, so we’re going to talk about fall scents. Enough of my rambling, let’s jump right on in.

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