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Simple Summer Makeup

Try It Tuesday_MadBearBeauty (1)

I know, summer is nearing an end but it doesn’t feel like that right now so I think it’s totally fine to share this makeup look with you guys. Plus, it has been a while since I’ve posted a makeup look, at least I feel like it’s been a while. So, let’s dive into this really simple look.

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Test It Tuesday: Mad Bear Beauty

Try It Tuesday_MadBearBeauty

It is time to test out a few products that I found on Etsy, last month I was talking about nail polish and this month it is all about a few bath products that I recently picked up from Mad Bear Beauty, so let’s dive right into the bath.

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July 2018 Haul

August 2018 Shop My Stash (3)

Yes, I am once again on a no buy but all of these purchases were made during the month of July, which I think I was also attempting to do a no buy but clearly that did not go very well. Spoiler, this month isn’t going great either, I’m going to do well one day. Anyway, my failures mean that you guys get to enjoy a haul and see all of the things that I didn’t really need but now own and get to use.

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July 2018 Lifestyle Favorites

July 2018

Now that we’ve talked all about this months beauty favorites it is time to talk about all of the other random little bits and bobs that I have really been loving this month. Last month I talked about how I was going to write things down but once again I have not done that, so we are going to keep hoping that I can remember everything that I was super into this past month.

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July 2018 Favorites + Face

traveling on a student budget.png

Yes, it’s time again to do another favorites post and talk all about the products that I really loved during the month of July. Last month was a little lackluster and honestly, so was this month. I had the intention to really try out products and have fun, which I did a little but I have been so busy in July with work and half of the month my face hurt so I just didn’t want to rub makeup onto it. Anyway, let’s just dive into the picks I have for this month.

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