New Things Are Coming!

I’ve been sitting here thinking about how to start this out or what exactly to say in this post for at least half an hour, and I’ve not really come up with anything particular and have decided to just let myself go, so please bear with me because it is me so I will probably talk and ramble way more then I really need to.

I may not be the best blogger, I am fully aware of this, but I do know that I really enjoy blogging and it’s just a very nice and peaceful way for me to relax and enjoy myself, which I’m sure is why a lot of people get into blogging. Something about sitting down and writing about things is just very calming to me, even if it’s just writing reviews about things that I love to use, it’s just nice and something that I very much enjoy.

And because of this I kind of want to take things a little bit more seriously and immerse myself into this blog and making things the best that I can, of course not taking things too seriously because that’s just not the type of person that I am all the time, but still bringing more structure and such to my piece of the internet here. I want to become a better blogger while still having fun and enjoying the things that I do here.

So, there will be some changes around here,  which I’m guessing you probably assumed by the title. What I blog about will remain the same, I don’t think that will ever change because I never really want to limit myself, blogging is fun and something I want to share with you guys but ultimately it is for me. Also, saying this does not mean in the future I won’t take suggestions into account or criticism, it’s just me saying that my topic range will always be wide and vary because I don’t like the idea of sticking to just talking about one type of thing.

 I am going to start being a little bit more present on social media though, I’ve not completely decided on where exactly but I will have social media for this blog specific, I think this will be a fun thing to add.

I will also be setting up a schedule for myself, I have so many things ready to be posted and so many ideas that I really need to start getting more on track with things and instead of posting at random have a set of days that I post on, I think that’ll be better for me. I haven’t decided on this schedule completely yet but nothing that I’m talking about here has really been set in stone either, this is just more of a warning and me sharing about the things that are to come on this blog. The schedule may also change in the future but I’m pretty sure that’s something that I don’t really need to point out.

The last thing is probably the biggest, I’m not completely sure on how much will be done or what exactly or even how long it will take, but there will be a appearance overhaul of the blog and possibly a name change, that I haven’t completely decided on yet but I’ve been thinking about it.

Now that I’m looking this over I’m realizing that this is kind of a lot, but it’s kind of like all the things around the content are changing but the content itself isn’t changing. So, I think that is it, get ready to see some changes around here because I will be working on it.


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