Updates Are Here!

I feel like it has taken me a while to get to this point and to get this post up, I didn’t mean for it to. In fact when I posted last I was expecting to have a fair amount of time of time to myself and during that time that I would work on this and get it pumped out, but plans shifted some and I ended up not having as much time to work on it as I thought I would so I did not get a chance to just get it all out like I had hoped to, oh well, things happen I guess. That was probably way too much rambling to explain why I haven’t gotten things done in a more timely manner, oh well. Let me now get into explaining some things and more rambling as usual I’m sure.

I want to give a brief update about what I’ve spent my time updating around here, which sounds a little bit weird to say, but it makes sense even if you can see it but I also know there are things that you won’t notice right off the bat, so let me start with one of those and something simple.

The first change that has been made around here is a schedule, something that changed before I even really got a chance to change anything else because this one was simple and didn’t require much, just a little bit of thought. I have decided on three days a week, a pretty good amount if you ask me, nothing too much so I can’t handle it but nothing too little so I don’t fall into a routine of being lazy, this is just enough to keep me going and challenge me a little bit without biting off more than I can chew. And now that I’ve gone on for way too long about that, let me tell you the days that I will be posting on now, those days will now be Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. Not to say that I’m limiting myself to those days, I may post on other days on occasion if I have something special to say, or anything really, but those three days are days that you are guaranteed to be able to come here and see content being put out by me.

 The next thing that I decided to dive into was social media, I have no real presence on social media because I am a boring person and don’t really care. But for the sake of blogging and getting things out there and trying to be social I have decided to give it a whirl, I haven’t dived fully into the world of social media, and I’m not sure that I ever will,  but I have set up camp somewhere at least. I have settled on two places, Twitter and Instagram. These are the easiest choices for me and probably the best, I chose Instagram just because I like it and I think it’ll be a fun option to play around with. And I chose Twitter because I think it’ll be pretty useful in many different ways and it will for sure be a good way to get things out there quickly, which I like. So this blog and myself now kind of have more of a presence on social media, we’ll see how this goes.

I also did some appearance overhauling, I am not a pro by any means so I don’t think it’s anything amazing or super custom, but it is a big change for me and something that is still more personal. I don’t think I can say that much about this one really because this one speaks for itself more than anything really, go take a look and you’ll see the difference. I have a new background, lay out and some new things in the sidebar, it’s really pretty basic but I like it a lot more and think it looks more personal to me than it did for sure.

Another thing that I decided on updating was the about me and the blog portions, firstly I decided on separating the two things so that they are no longer together and I updated both of them to be more accurate. I’m not completely sure if I’m finished with these ones but for the most part I am, I may tweak a little but then again I guess that can be said for any of these things. But, if anything gets tweaked it will be this, I can almost guarantee it will be a little bit. I may also add more pages as I grow, but that is something I will have to wait and see how it goes.

The last thing isn’t something I changed but wanted to mention since I mentioned maybe changing it in the last post where I discussed that changes were coming, and that is the name of this blog. I have decided against changing it, I’m not sure that it’s the best name I could have ever chosen to call my blog but I think it fits and I’ve had for a while, it was my last blogs handle also so I think it’s here to stay, get used to the sparkles guys.

And now that I’ve rambled on for way too longer and longer than anybody cared to read, I am going to wrap this up and not go on too much longer. I like the new updates and hope you guys do too, go check them out and tell me what you think of them.



One thought on “Updates Are Here!

  1. I blog three times a week and I find it a good amount, enough that people don’t lose interest but not enough that it becomes a chore rather than a hobby. Twitter is amazing for growing your blog, most of my views come from there!
    Good luck with it all.
    Shona xx

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