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Lush Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

Another holiday product from the Lush Holiday 2k15 range, which I will say this as a warning, get ready for this because I have a fair amount of the bath products to talk about. Today is the Golden Wonder Bath Bomb, and this one makes an excellent gift, not only because it’s really cool but because it’s shaped like a present which makes it perfect to give as gifts. At least that’s what I think.

I think this is a really fun bath bomb because of it’s shape and appearance but also because of the show that it gives off in the water, which I will talk about in just a little bit. This bath bomb is quite a wonder and it’s one of my favorite holiday bombs, it is tied for first place with Shoot For The Stars as my favorite bath bomb from this range. And I think I’m going to switch this one up a little bit and talk about the appearance of this one first because I already mentioned it a little bit above.

I’ve probably gone on too long about the shape of this one and it’s very obvious what it is, it’s a gift, it’s a yellow lustery gift so it’s not really glitter but it has a light shimmer all over it. If you shake this bath bomb there is a little jingle to it, I honestly thought there were bells in it the first time that I used it but I was wrong, it’s just a little surprise inside. I’m about to destroy the surprise and wonder in this bath bomb but I feel like all bath bomb reviews kind of do that. The inside of this is blue and what makes the rattling noises are like little baby bath bombs inside that shoot out a pretty pink color, and once it all swirls together this looks like mermaid water, it’s a lovely turquoise water with a lot of gold shimmer throughout it. It’s really beautiful and I love the look of this one very much.

Now on to the scent of this, this is another bath bomb that may have a familiar fragrance to you if you’re somewhat familiar with Lush because there are other products with this scent, I believe the only other two items in store with the same scent are Celebrate Body Lotion and First Snow Dusting Powder, both of which are part of the current holiday line. There are a bunch of other products that also share this scent such as Celebrate Shower Gel, Celebrate Solid Perfume, Snowshowers Shower Jelly, Supernova Bath Bomb and Celebreate Fun just to a name a few, because there are still a bunch of other products that have this scent.

The scent of these are right up my alley because I really love sweet scents, fruity scents and citrus scents especially. This one is a citrusy type of scent which is one of my favorite, it’s very orangey however it is not super strong and in your face which is sometimes very nice. This one does have a little bit of a cocktail type scent to me, nothing too much though, like a light cocktail scent but not exactly boozy either. Kind of like champagne but not the smell of champagne but more the lightness of it, it’s really a very nice scent due to it not being overpowering I think.

I love the way this one leaves my skin feeling, and smelling, because the scent from this bath bomb personally stays on my skin for a very long time and this one makes my skin feel so soft and wonderful, and leaves just the slightest bit of shimmer on the skin which I sometimes like. And I think that is it when it comes to this bomb.



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