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Lush Father Christmas Bath Bomb

Since I’ve already talked about my two favorite products from the holiday range this year I’ve decided it’s time to talk about of my next favorite bath bombs and a very special bath bomb to me, this is the Father Christmas Bath Bomb and isn’t he such a cutie? I think so. This bomb is special to me because this is the bath bomb that got me into Lush last year, I went into Lush for the very first time sometime in November of the last year and I wanted to get something, this was what I settled on and it was my very first Lush product, so it’s the item that started my addiction with the brand. Now to get into the review.

This little guy is seriously so cute and so festive and I really love that, I love Christmas so I love festive things like this a lot. Also I am sorry about the quality of this photo, I’m not sure what happened here but it did not turn out the way that I wanted it to. Still you can see how adorable this one is. Along with the little face this one is very festive because of the colors in this one, this one is white and pink one the outside, and on the inside there is a fun surprise, it’s green. So when these three colors swirl together in the bath it looks like Christmas, red, white and green all swirling together in the bath tub.

This bath bomb is another one with a scent that may be somewhat familiar to you, well to anyone who is familiar with the Lush holiday ranges because this shares it’s scent with Snow Fairy Shower Gel, which is something that comes back year after year because it’s a pretty big cult favorite. Strangely enough Snow Fairy is a scent that I really hate, like it’s too strong and bubble gum makes me sick, both the taste and the smell, but I like everything that has the scent that I’ve smelled so far, it’s a very strange thing to me. I think it may be because it smells a lot softer and more like cotton candy in the form of other products.

So yes, this is a sweet scented bath bomb, it smells a lot like sugar to me, so it smells like cotton candy which I really like. This isn’t one that is super in your face still even though it is on the sweeter side, I really quite like it.

This isn’t one that really stick to my skin very much but I have found that it leaves a soft scent of sweet candy on my skin for a little while, but it is very faint. And I don’t think this one is anything really that special when it comes to moisture, granted not many of the bath bombs are, but they all do end up leaving my skin pretty soft to the touch.

This bath bomb is a great one, it’s one of the few candy like scents I think and it’s a very festive bomb which I think is always fun, this one would probably be a fantastic gift for children due to the scent and the cute little Santa face on it. Or just anyone you know that is a lover of the sweeter things.



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