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Lush Candy Mountain Bubble Bar

This is something that I fell in love with last year but only managed to get my hands on one of them for some reason last year, actually I’m pretty sure my mom was the one who ended up giving it to me and I never picked up one for myself so that was probably what happened. This is Candy Mountain Bubble Bar from Lush and its pretty awesome, I like it a lot actually.


This is something that I really didn’t think I was going to like because I sniffed Snow Fairy and I was out, I hated the scent and still do, it is too overwhelming and it smells more like bubblegum to me which is something that I really hate. But the Snow Fairy scent is other products is so subtle to me and smells more of cotton candy, which I really love a lot and think goes really nicely mixed with a lot of things.

I like the look of this bubble bar, it’s really basic but it is pink and sparkly and both of these things are things that I really love, so I like the appearance of this one a lot. Let me tell you about this one in the water while I’m going on about the appearance of this one, it of course turns the bath water a lovely pink color and leaves a little bit of shimmer in the bath water, it’s quite enjoyable.

This one does a pretty good job at bubbling up, meaning it makes a pretty good amount of bubbles and that is nice, so I can get about three or four uses out of this one bubble bar. But of course that’s also including the fact that I don’t like a crazy amount of bubbles but more of a toned down amount but that doesn’t mean barely any, just not a load.

The smell of this is wonderful, I think I kind of already touched on this a little bit but I will go on about it some more so you can get more of an idea of what this one is about. This one is sweet and if you don’t like sweet scents you will not like this one, even though it is a pretty basic scent meaning it smells sweet and vanilla like but it is very sweet, still not quite as overwhelming as Snow Fairy but still sweet. I think this one is a pretty basic scent and I think it goes well with a lot of things which is really nice

This one is also part of a very large family of items, I don’t think I will list everything but as usual I will throw a few things out there. Snow Fairy Shower Gel, Fairy Dust Dusting Powder, Fairy Wand Bubble Bar and Father Christmas Bath Bomb. These are just the things that are currently out with this scent, so if you end up liking this one then you check out all of these other products.

I really like this bubble bar and would completely recommend it.



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