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Best of 2015: Skin and Body Care

Time for the second post in my best of series, I’m combining a couple of things together with this one too just so I don’t have so many posts and just a flood of favorite things, which also means this one is probably going to be another longer post but at this point I feel like a fair amount of things that I blog about are. Anyway, let’s start in on this one.


Let’s start with body care because I can.

Lush Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub. I ended up swiping this from my boyfriend, I always used it when I visit to exfoliate before shaving and eventually I just brought it home with me and continued to use it at home the same way. I like the feel of this, it’s a good exfoliate and has some moisture too it which I really like, plus it smells a lot like lemon cookies to me.

Lush Yuzu and Cocoa Shower Cream. I love the smell of this more than anything else I think, it smells really amazing and makes me thing of childhood for some reason. This smells very tropical like to me, kind of like a really mild coconut candy, it’s very nice. This is also pretty moisturizing and it’s a really fun color, I love this stuff.

Lush Calacas Shower Jelly. I love shower jellies, they are such a strange product and I feel like they aren’t for everyone but I love them and picking one was a little bit tough, but I settled on this one. Calacas is such a bright and citrusy scent, it smells a lot like lime gummy candies, it’s sweet with just a little bit of bite to it. And the shower jellies are a really interesting product and a very moisturizing one, that’s what sold me on the product actually.

The Body Shop Body Butter. I was going to include a specific scent but I couldn’t really decide, so I settled on just the product itself. The Body Shop Body Butters are the best body butters I have ever used, they are so thick and moisturizing.They do wonders for my super dry hands in the winter time, no other product that I’ve come across has been able to do that so I am a huge fan of these body butters.

Bath & Body Works Sweet on Paris Body Mist. This is my second and last bottle of this and I’ve been making this one stretch because of that, I need them to bring the scent back because it is my all time favorite scent from them. Even though I use this sparingly, I decided that I would include it because it is something that I love very much and it’s a huge comforting smell to me, it’s been something that I often sniff throughout the year and sometimes spray. I’m pretty sure this product has made me seem like a total crazy person but hopefully you guys get where I’m coming from.

Equate Moisture Care Essential Renew Lotion. Yes, I’m throwing in a store brand product here but it’s a great one so it had to be included, it’s a fantastic unscented lotion. I leave this on the edge of my shower and use it when I get out of the shower pretty much every time, especially after shaving. It’s a fantastic lotion.

Bath & Body Works Ultra Shea Body Cream in Frosted Wonderland. This scent is from last year but it’s a scent that I really love, it’s like a fruity and tropical winter scent and that is something that is right up my alley. I also really love the ultra shea body creams, they are super thick and great. I guess it’s clear that I really enjoy thick lotions and lots of them, I have dry skin and these types of things are great for my skin.


Now on to skin care, something that I have a lot less of.

Lush Don’t Look At Me Fresh Face Mask. I’m not the biggest fan of the Lush fresh face masks but when this came out I was instantly in love. I’ll be honest, I totally wanted to try this face mask because it was blue and I heard it smelled citrusy, it was something that I had to try and I may have tried it for a stupid reason but this mask is fantastic.

Lush Ultrabland Facial Cleanser. This is what I use to remove eye make up a lot of the time, it does an amazing job at getting off all face make up while also moisturizing the face. This stuff is also really gentle, so gentle that it can easily be used around the eyes and it gets off even the toughest waterproof eye make up that I own. It doesn’t really have any scent to it either.

Lush Let The Good Times Roll Face and Body Cleanser. This has been my favorite face cleanser this year, I tried it at the beginning of the year and have purchased three or four pots of the stuff now, it’s great and does wonders for my skin. I’ve never really had problem skin but I did stop using it for a couple of months and my skin did act up a little bit, but going back to it I’ve had no real problems with it. And this smells so good, it kind of smells like buttery muffins which is so good.

Mary Kay Clear Proof Acne Treatment. This isn’t something that I use that often really but it is something that I do whip out any time that I have a blemish, it’s not an instant fix but it for sure does help get rid of blemished a lot quicker than they regularly would go. I also feel like this tube would last forever if it wasn’t for the fact that it’ll probably expire long before then.

Clinique Turnaround Overnight Revitalizing Moisturizer. This is something that came to me a lot later in the year but I’ve had it for at least two months now and am already in love with this so I think it’s completely fine to include this. This is the best moisturizer, it feels so good on my skin and makes my skin so soft, I completely love this moisturizer and am going to need to purchase the full sized product once I’m out of this sample size. It is that good, that my cheap self is going to purchase a full size of this.

 Alright, it may seem like it’s time to wrap this post up but there was more category I would like to talk about in this post that I just don’t have a picture for because I don’t have everything on this list currently. This is bath products, yup, I have a problem with Lush and I decided to include bath stuff in it. So let’s get into it.

Fun. Once again I didn’t include a specific color because I like so many of them and my favorite part of this is the product itself. Fun is one of their stranger products I think but it’s also a fun one, bad jokes right there,  and it’s good for all sorts of things. I use mine to shave with, I thought it sounded really strange to use it for this but it gave me the best smooth shave that I’ve ever, if you shave your legs I would suggest going out and getting some to try this. It’s pretty inexpensive too and last a while.

Northern Lights Bath Bomb. This is a bath bomb from Christmas last year but I hoarded quite a few of them and just got my hands on some fresh ones, so I decided to include this in the list because this is quite possibly my favorite Lush scent. It smells like jasmine but it’s not overwhelming or overly perfumey, which is something that I enjoy very much, it’s also a really pretty both bomb to watch fizz out even though it is very delicate.

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar. If you’re a crazy lushie such as myself then this one will come as no surprise to you because this bubble bar has the same scent as Northern Lights, this was also from last year but I still have some to use up and it’s my favorite scent, the scent lingers so long on my skin when I combine the two of them. They need to bring this one back next year, it was a sad year without it in the store.

Brightside Bubble Bar. This is one of the year round bubble bars and one of the larger ones, it may also be my favorite bubble bar, it smells of sherbety citrus goodness and that is something that is right up my alley. This is also a bigger one which means I can get a lot of baths out of this one, usually at least four and as many as eight, depending on my mood and how many bubbles I want. This one is very uplifting and it turns the water a pretty orange color.

Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb. Another year round item and probably my favorite bath bomb, this one is also citrusy and has a sherbet like scent to it, which is clearly something that I like a lot. This one is a little more grapefruit like whereas Brightside is more orange like. Anyway, this bomb is the best one in the regular range I think, it looks quite boring but it pours so much gold and a bunch of glitter that it’s really cool.

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb. I couldn’t help myself with this one, it’s a holiday classic and probably my favorite one too, it just smells so good and is really fun to look at and watch fizz out in the bath tub. This one is also citrusy but it’s lighter and has a slight touch of boozy to it, I really enjoy it. The appearance of this one is so festive too, it’s a present, a gold, shimmery present. It looks so cool on the outside but the inside is even more fun, it shoots out random balls of color and in the end it turns your water a really beautiful turquoise color with gold shimmer throughout the whole thing.  It’s a really fun bath bomb and I wish it were around for the whole year.

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar. I decided to include this one because I felt like it really, it’s another regular line item and it’s one that I thought I wouldn’t like but I have come to love a lot, especially because it mixes with so many scents so well because it’s just a basic sweet vanilla scent. It’s also bright pink which I love because I really love the color pink. This is a fantastic bubble bar for bath cocktails and even by itself, it produces a lot of bubbles and leaves your bath water pink.

And that is it, well for this post anyway, I still have a few more favorites posts that are coming up but those are for another day and for today this one is over. Once again, I feel like this post is too long but I just wanted to talk about all of the things that I’ve really been loving because they are fantastic.  Hopefully you enjoyed because I had a lot of fun writing this all out.



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