Best of 2015

Best of 2015: Nails

I had this post all typed out and ready to go and I dropped the ball, so this is my apology and I’m going to continue the post as normal. I completely forgot to post yesterday, I was out most of the day and I kept reminding myself that I needed to post and I completely forgot by the time I got back. So I’m posting today instead and I will still be posting tomorrow and sticking to the schedule.

It is time for another best of 2015 post, this one however should be a little bit on the shorter side because this one will be focused on one type of product instead of it being all over the place. I decided to do this one alone just because I wasn’t really sure what to group it with because it didn’t really fit with much other than cosmetics and I was trying to keep that post down in size some. So,today is all about nail polish, one of my favorite things.


Orly Nail Armor Strengthening Base Coat.  This is my favorite base coat ever, it does so much for my nails, keeps them nice and strong and provides a really smooth base to paint my color on. I went without this for a little while and I for sure noticed a difference in my nails, so now I will not go without this base coat and I always have it on hand.

Zoya in the shade Avery. This next one is my go to nude nail polish, I tried out a few nude colors before I found Avery and fell in love, this is a nude that is perfect on my skin tone. I use this color way too often and I’m probably about half way through the bottle by now so I think it’s clear that I like this polish a lot.

Zoya in the shade Caitlin. This is something that I don’t wear a whole lot on it’s own, not to say that I never wear it on it’s own, but this is the nail polish that I always layer under my favorite nail polish ever because it’s such a perfect shade of blue for the other polish. Plus this formula is actually really good, I really like Zoya nail polish, it’s a pretty fantastic brand.

Butter London in the shade Knackered. Speaking of the color that I wear over the last polish, this is it, and this is my all time favorite polish. I love nail polish and switch up my colors a lot but this is a color that I come back to so much, it’s my favorite. This one isn’t the best on it’s own because of the fact that it’s sheer, but layered over another polish it is a really beautiful color. This has little holographic glitter specs in it, it’s a nice blue shade and has a duochrome shift between blue, green and blue. I love it and am nearly out of it actually.

Essie in the shade Demure Vix. I’m not the biggest fan of essie, this is no secret, but I do like some of there shades and this is one of them. This is a really suble color, it’s almost nude like but it has a dash of purple in it an a little bit of a flash of color, it’s very beautiful and subtle. 

Wet ‘n Wild Megalast in the shade Wear Skinny Jeans. I love the formula of pretty much every single one of these that I have tried, this one is no exception at all. This applies like a dream, lasts for quite sometime and is a pretty shade of light blue. I wish I had picked up other colors from this range but it’s too late now and this one was probably the best one anyway.

And those are the nail polishes that I have been obsessed with and repeatedly wearing this past year.



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