Tarte Tartlette In Bloom

 I’m a little bit behind on reviewing this palette and I’m pretty sure everyone else has already posted reviews about this but I still want to talk about it because it’s something that I really like and I like to talk about things. Of course I am talking about the Tartlette in Bloom Palette, I got this for Christmas from my really amazing best friend who buys me all of the cool make up because she is really amazing.


IMG_7523This is something I was drooling over the second that I saw it and it was made worse once I saw it in person because it was just so beautiful, but due to it being the holiday season I decided to pass on it. However my amazing best friend decided that I really needed it and gifted it to me for Christmas because she is really wonderful. So of course I played with this constantly when I got it, seriously though, it was probably the only eyeshadow that I used for at least a week and a half after getting it because I was obsessed with it and I still really like it and find myself still reaching for it all the time because it is just that good. It is a mostly matte palette which I like, I find myself using a lot more matte shadows as of recently but it’s also really nice to have a few shimmery options in the palette.

IMG_7525The feel of these shadows are quite nice actually, they are fairly soft and they blend rather nicely, the only one that I have a little bit of trouble with is the shade Funny Girl. Funny Girl really feels like it shouldn’t belong in this palette at all, it’s very hard to work with and it’s not as pigmented as I would like, it’s a shame to because it’s the lightest shimmery shade and it’s the type of shade that looks right up my alley. Everything else in this palette is really fantastic though, they are all pretty pigmented and really nice and easy to work with.

IMG_7526Now it is time for some swatches of the palette so you guys can see what they look like and I will be naming them off from top to bottom, the shades are: Charmer, Jetsetter, Rocker, Smokeshow, Flowerchild, Smarty Pants, Firecracker, Activist, Funny Girl, Sweetheart, Rebel and lastly Leader. Funny Girl is the most disappointing shadow in this palette as you may be able to tell, everything else looks good though. Some of my favorites are Firecracker, Rebel, Leader and Flower Child but I honestly really like all of them, those are just some of the shades that I find myself reaching towards most. Smokeshow and Activist seem to be almost the same shade to me but they are slightly different, Activist is the darker of the two I find but even though they are slightly different I don’t think I really see the point in having both of them in the palette but either way they re both there. Other than that I am very happy with the shade range in this palette and I think there is a very nice selection of color in this one. So overall I am a pretty big fan of this palette, I can see myself continuing to reach for this palette and I can also see myself finishing this palette off at some point in the future, not anytime soon but eventually. That is how much I really like this eyeshadow.



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