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Lush Cocktail: Sundaes on Sunday

Alright, it is time for a bath cocktail that is fitting on this day, I could post this on a different day but it just wouldn’t seem right at all, with the name of this one and all. With this cocktail I was trying to make a really fun cocktail, so I decided to try and do something kind of sundae like, it seemed really fun and it actually turned out really well.


This one is pretty simple and to the point I think, I did add a couple of other things that are not pictured here but it wasn’t really that much, and I’ll for sure tell you about it. The products pictured are Haagen Bath Bomb, which is a minty bath bomb that I used as the base scent and kind of like the ice cream, the next item is Butterbear Bath Bomb which is just like Butterball but cuter, this gave the bath a more luxurious feel and a little more creamy so this is kind of like the whip cream and the last thing in the photo is part of a Ma Bar bubble bar which smells like chocolate and honey so I used that like chocolate syrup of course. The last thing that I added was a little bit of red fun as the cherry on top, it was a nice addition to the sundae I think. This was a very luxurious bath that I enjoyed a lot, with a very light hearted theme and I really  enjoyed it.

A couple of photos from the bath itself.



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