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Lush Northern Lights Bath Bomb

I was so disappointed that this bath bomb didn’t come back in the 2015 holiday range, it was my favorite product from the entire 2014 holiday range and may actually be one of my over all favorite products ever, it just smells so incredible and it’s such a pretty bath bomb that I can’t help but really love it. 


I guess I’m going to start out with the appearance of this one, this one is a very strangely shaped bath bomb but it’s pretty cool looking , however the design makes it really easy for this one to break during shipping, which I know because I picked up a few of these from the kitchen a little while back and every single one of them was broken. It was very tragic but they still perform fine and smell really amazing. This one has a weird shape to it but it’s still very pretty to look at I think, it’s a very beautiful shade of purple and it has little stars all over it for a nice little extra touch.

Since I’ve told you about the outside appearance of this bath bomb let me tell you about it once it’s in the water and has fizzed out completely, this one is really quite neat looking and a very fun. Of course purple is involved but once that has fizzed out some it reveals the colors on the inside, one end has yellow and the other end has blue in it, when they swirl together it looks very beautiful and is supposed to kind of resemble Northern Lights, which I think it does a little bit and the stars on the outside are a cute little touch with it.

Continuing on with the next logical thing to talk about would be how this performs and feels in the water, this bath bomb is a mid range fizzer to me, meaning it’s now a slow fizzer but it’s nothing really quick either, so I guess that you could say it’s pretty average when it comes down to it. This feels so wonderful in the water, it’s really a fantastic bath bomb, it is very soft.

Now, I think the only thing really left to talk about is the scent of this one, which is usually what I do first but it turns out I’m going to be doing it last on this one, save the best for last this time. This one is floral and I didn’t think I would end up liking it as much as I do because I am not a big floral person, but the scent of this one is very natural smelling and smells like it’s supposed to which is probably why I love it, it doesn’t have a perfumey type of scent that some floral things can have. This smells exactly like jasmine flowers and it’s so heavenly and fresh, it just smells so sexy too and it’s a scent that I wish I could have on my skin at all times.

It lingers on the skin longer than any other bath product that I’ve ever tried, meaning the next day I can still clearly smell it on my skin which can’t be said for all bath products. It’s such a wonderful scent that I wish that it lingered longer but I still think that is impressive that it lingers for that long on the skin.

I’m sure by now everyone can tell how I feel about this bath bomb,  I really love it, it is one of my favorite products from Lush and quite possibly my favorite bath bomb ever, it’s the best.



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