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Lush Melting Snowman Bath Melt

It’s time to bring something out that I have had ready to go for way too long, this product wasn’t even around the last holiday season, which was very disappointing to me. This is a Christmas product from two years ago, it’s been around for quite a few holiday seasons but it did not show up this last holiday season which is why I didn’t talk about it, plus I really fell behind a lot when it came to posting, at one point I didn’t have a schedule and I’m pretty sure I missed a couple of weeks a couple of times. But anyway, it’s time for me to chat about this one.


This was the very first bath melt that I tried from Lush and this is one of my favorite melts that I’ve tried so far, not that I’ve tried that many really but still it’s a great one. I was so sad to see that they didn’t bring this cute little fellow back this past year, I assumed they would because it was a product that they had in the holiday line for a few years so it seemed like a classic item to me, but I was wrong and this little guy did not return which was very sad.

This one has little vegan chocolate chips in it for buttons and is just the cutest little bath melt I have ever seen, this one is also huge for a bath melt, meaning I easily got anywhere from three to five uses out of this one depending on how I was feeling when I was using it. This guys nose is a tiny bubble bar, which is super cute but also always seemed kind of pointless to me

I don’t think the scent of this one was for everyone, I mostly say this because everyone I know was not into this scent like I was. This one has a very ‘Christmasy’ feel to it, meaning it really smells of cinnamon and nutmeg, which I personally really love. It feels very warm and comforting in the bath, which is something that I really loved because it’s like a hug in the bath kind of. This one really smells like pie to me so it became a favorite to mix with fizzbanger, so white or cinders because when it was mixed with fruity type of scents because it reminded me a lot of pie.

The feel of this in the water was really quite nice, it is a very slow melter but it is so moisturizing too, it leaves the water feeling so soft and silky and that is a big plus for me, especially during the winter months when my skin is feeling extra dry and needs some moisture.

This is a bath product that I really love and was really sad that they did not bring back because it was one of my favorite things from my first year with Lush. Granted I think that first Christmas season was the best holiday lines that they’ve released so far, that doesn’t really say that much though because I’ve only been a Lushie for about a year and a half now. Overall, I really love this bath melt and would completely stock up on some if I got a chance to because it’s really pretty awesome.



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