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Lush Cocktail: Smell The Rainbow

I think this is kind of becoming something that I am really enjoying doing, meaning playing with the products that I have and coming up with cocktails that go really great together. I like baths, I like Lush and I like being able to throw a few things together and see what happens with it, it’s just a really fun thing to do so it’s time for another combo that I came up with recently.


I’m calling this one Smell The Rainbow because this combo ended up smelling exactly like skittles to me, which is really cool and very awesome. I wanted something that smelled good and was really fruity, hence this cocktail being born. I also opted using shower jellies for bubbles instead of a bubble bar, I’ve seen people talk about using jellies for this but haven’t done it myself so I thought it was time to give it a go.

 I started with Hippy Chick, unsure of where I was going to go with this half of a bath bomb that smells so citrusy, but I built off of it with some colorful things and most of the jellies that I own that smell fruity, I didn’t want to completely overdo it so I left a couple of them out.I pulled Happy Blooming, which smells like cherry candies, Refresher which smells like lemon candies, Calacas which smells like lime gummy bears and Iced Wine which smells a little bit boozy and very fruity. All of these combined with the bath bomb smells so amazing.

This bath felt great, smelled amazing and had enough bubbles in it for me to really enjoy it, so I would completely do this one again and would suggest you trying it out if you get a chance to.



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