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Lush Flamingo Bubble Bar

This one is really new to the U.S. but not new to the UK, so since it’s newer to us I figured that it was time to talk about this bubble bar. This has been an online item for the past little while but from what I understand it’s spreading through stores like wildfire which I think is pretty exciting. Granted, I always think that new products from my favorite brands are exciting, especially when it’s Lush because that means I get to sniff new things and sniffing things is always fun. I feel like that sounds weird but I like things that smell good.


This one is a reusable bubble bar which I like and hate the idea of, it’s really nice to have a product that can be used multiple times but I prefer one that you can break apart rather than one that I swirl in the water or run under the water due to storing it after the fact, but I do like that it is reusable. I also think this one is really cute and it’s a fantastic use of the stick because it’s supposed to be a flamingo and it makes it look like a flamingo. I think this is one of the cutest Lush products that I have seen in a while.

I was really excited to get my hands on this and before I knew it I somehow had like five of them from trades and my awesome boyfriend, so if I didn’t like this one it was going to suck but I do really enjoy this one, not just the appearance but the scent and everything about it really.  I guess I can start with the scent of this one since I just mentioned this, I don’t get a particularly strong scent of anything, not saying that I can’t smell this really well but it doesn’t really smell like anything in particular. This smells sweet and fruity to me, which I do really like because this is right up my scent alley, but I can’t pinpoint a scent to call this other than sweet and fruity. This one has rosewood and ylang ylang but it just smells fruity, which is the scent description that Lush gives as well so I guess there is not man scent note in this one.

I love the color of this one and the color that it turns your bath water! I love the color pink, I don’t wear it much but when I can get little accents that are pink. This one does exactly what you would think that it does in the water, it turns your water a bright pink color that I personally really love, it’s quite great and it is very vibrant. I really like it.

While we’re talking about the water let me continue on with bubbles and things, this one creates a fair amount of bubbles, nothing amazing nor overwhelming which is something that I personally like. The scent doesn’t stay very well in the water though, it is really faint to me but I still kind of like this one, especially with the right cocktail. This one can be used quite a few times I think and that is quite nice because Lush can get kind of pricey, so it is nice to have a product that can be used multiple times. This doesn’t leave the water feeling much different, it’s nothing special in terms of moisture but it does still feel luxurious if that makes sense.

Overall I like this bubble bar, the scent and color are really right up my alley, it last for quite a few baths so that is something that is really nice, getting multiple uses out of it.



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