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Lush Milky Bar Bubble Bar

This one is now released in the U.S. and it has been for a little while now, which I am very excited about because I actually really like this bubble bar. This was once an Oxford Street Exclusive but it is not so I will be talking about this now. There are other items like this that I will be talking about soon, meaning things that are newer to being released everywhere that were once Oxford Street Exclusives. But, for now we will be talking about Milky Bar.


I feel like this one may be unexciting to some people, even to me it’s nothing super exciting, but that doesn’t change the fact that I really like this one. Sometimes you need something really simple and that is what this provides, and because of that I think that this bubble bar pairs really well with a lot of things, which is really nice.

Let’s talk about the scent a little bit, I was a little bit nervous about this one and was fairly sure that I was not going to be a fan of this one, everyone was saying it was powdery scented and that is a scent type that I completely hate. This does not smell powdery or like baby powder at all to me, it has more of a fresh scent to me, and a very generic scent that I am not completely sure how to describe because to me it just smells a lot like soap, which if you sniffed this you may get what I’m trying to say. I do like it but it’s a very simple and clean type of scent.

As one would expect there is no color to this one, which I don’t really mind because if I’m using a bath bomb with this then I get the color from that, plus color isn’t something I need it just makes it a little more fun. Anyway, this one produces no color but the water feels very nice and silky with this bubble bar, it gives the water such a luxurious feel to it. In terms of bubbles this one is pretty impressive, I get four uses out of this bubble bar which is quite a bit considering this is a little bit of a smaller bubble bar. The point to this is that it makes a lot of bubbles for using such a little amount of it, so in the water this one is fantastic.

Overall I think this is a really wonderful bubble bar, it has a very clean type of scent that could easily go with any other type of scent, which I think is a very nice quality. This one produces a lot of bubbles and feels really nice in the water, it’s really a fantastic bubble bar.



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