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Lush Happy Blooming Shower Jelly

This is something that is really new to me, I figured I should sprinkle in some more current things into the mix. This is Happy Blooming Shower Jelly, this is my most recent shower jelly and I am very excited about it because as always I really love shower jellies, they’re just so much fun.



This one is such a pretty color, it’s a red but it’s a really beautiful shade of red, meaning it’s leans a little bit on the cooler side, which I know sounds a little bit weird but it does, it’s really a very pretty color.

This shower jelly smells so good, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it because it said that it was supposed to smell like cherries and coconut, but I actually really like this one. I don’t really pick up on the coconut in this one, I only smell cherries but I’m alright with that. This smells a lot like cherry candies to me, it reminds me of a specific candy but I can not put my finger on what exactly it is. It might be Jolly Ranchers, but whatever it is it smells really good and it smells like cherry candies, so it is sweet scented and smells kind of artificial, I’m really into it but I can see this scent not being for everyone.

As for lingering with this one, the scent lingers on my skin a little bit but nothing really that much or long, but for a few hours I could still smell it on my skin, so it’s pretty average when it comes to the scent lingering.

 This is like every other shower jelly that I have ever reviewed, this has the quality that made me fall in love, which if you didn’t know is the feel of these jellies. They feel so moisturizing on the skin, much more than shower gels which is something that I really like, I like moisture in my skin but of course I still use shower gels as well.

Overall, this is a shower jelly that I really like, it’s still really new to me but it is something that I can see myself using up entirely over time, it smells nice, feels nice and it’s a fun product to use.



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