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Lush Cocktail: Hopping through the lights

I have so many Lush probably because I am a little bit of a baby hoarder when it comes to most things,so because of this I have decided to start sharing more great bath cocktails with you guys when I come across them because I thought it would be a nice thing to share. I’m still a little bit new to these types of posts so I’m sure there will be some tweaking when it comes to this, I am also not the best at naming them but I’m kind of going with it.

I used half of a Bunny Bubble Bar, a full Northern Lights Bath Bomb and a pinch of Speedboat Fun


imageThis time around I remembered to take some photos of the bath, I didn’t get as many great shots as I would have liked when it comes to this one but I will be sharing some photos this time around and there will probably be a couple of extra photos floating around the bottom of this post. I was feeling something a little bit random when I created this cocktail, Northern Lights is probably my favorite bath bomb and I currently own 15 of them I think, so I’ve been up for trying some new cocktails with this bath bomb which is how this one came about. I was feeling something a little sweet and a little bit citrusy, so I picked out Bunny bubble bar since it’s has a sweet candy scent and a little bit of speedboat fun since it’s kind of a sweet citrus scent and that is how this cocktail came to be. I actually really enjoyed the scent of this one all mixed together and it kind of had it all, it smelled floral and sultry from the Northern Lights but there’s a sweetness to it too from the Bunny bubble bar, which is an interesting combo and then the speeedboat fun kind of added a little bit of bite to it, so all together it ended up being a really nice combo.






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