Morphe 35O Palette Review

I know that I may be a little late to this train but I just got my hands on this thing, my amazing best friend who brought it home for me so I can also have one. This is the Morephe 35O palette, I’m sure you’ve heard about because at this point I’m pretty sure basically everyone has talked about this and reviewed it. And now I am adding to that, I’m just very excited about it and I want to talk about it too so I am going to.


IMG_7553This is just so pretty to look at and there are just so many pretty warm toned eyeshadows in this palette. A lot of these colors are right up my alley, I just really like warm toned shadows. There are so many shades in this one, 35 of them and they range from various different shades and finishes, there’s mattes, satins and metallics which I like because this is pretty much a one stop shop kind of eyeshadow palette. I feel like I could create quite a few different looks from this one, something soft or something really intense, even something with a little bit of color in it. I have all of the options when it comes to this one for pretty much any occasion I may need to use this for.

I have gotten to play with this palette a fair amount of times now, I don’t think I have used everyIMG_7554 color in this palette yet but I have used quite a fair amount and enough that I am pretty confident in reviewing these and talking about these overall. I really like these shadows, they are quite pigmented for the most part, there are a couple of duds in the bunch but that’s most eyeshadow palettes I feel like. The texture of these are very nice and soft with very little fall out, they aren’t the easiest things I’ve ever blended but they are completely manageable and with a little bit of effort they look really quite nice. There are a few in the bunch of shadows that I don’t think preform as well as the rest, couldn’t really point out which ones as these don’t really have names. I also cannot point out my favorites from this due to the same reason, but I really love a lot of the matte shades and this one shimmer shade in particular, I believe it is the lightest shimmery shade as it makes a really fantastic lid color. I didn’t really feel like swatching the whole entire palette so I picked out a random assortment from them to show you guys so you could get a taste of the pigmentation and colors that are in this one.

I really like this palette a lot and I am really excited to get to play with it more, overall it’s really a lot better than I expected and I can see myself reaching for it all the time, so if you have a chance to get your hands on this one then I would for sure suggest grabbing it.




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