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Lush Yuzu & Cocoa Bubbleron

This is my favorite scent from Lush ever, I don’t know what it is about it entirely but sniffing it just makes me really happy and I want this scent in every possible product ever. What I really want is this scent in a candle, this scent filling my home sounds really amazing and like something that I really want, but that does not exist yet so that is something that I just dream about. Enough about that though, time to talk about this really beautiful and special bubbleron.


This review will focus on the new formula of the yuzu & cocoa bubble bar because it’s new and of course I had to try it when I saw it, I wasn’t a huge fan of the old one so I was hoping that the new one would preform better in the water. I’ve loved this scent in both products but the old formula just didn’t do it for me. That’s enough about that old bubbleron though.

Let’s start this review out with the best and easiest part for me,  that is the scent of this little guy, of course. This is supposed to have the scent of chocolate oranges but if I’m being honest , I don’t pick that up at all. The scent that I pick up is a lot more of a coconut like scent, which is probably why I love it so much, I love all things that smell sun tan lotion like or beachy, they make me happy. This one in particular makes me think of this candy I ate as a child, which of course also makes me happy, it’s a very wonderful scent. So to me this one smells like coconut and sugar kind of, it’s really quite nice.

Now onto how this does in the bath tub, this one is a big disappointment to me overall, the scent still just disappears in the water a lot, which I really hate because I want to really smell this scent when I get in the bath but it just disappears for the most part, it’s very disappointing. This one doesn’t create a whole lot of bubbles either, I used half of this in one bath and it was a little less bubble than what I enjoy, which is also disappointing too.

The thing that I can say that’s really great about this one is the feel of this one in the bath tub, that’s probably because the middle of this one is very soft and full of shea butter, so it makes the water feel so soft and it has the same effect on my skin, it’s a really lovely experience that I really enjoyed.

So overall I am not impressed with this bubbleron, I love the smell of it when it’s not being used and I love the feel of it in the water, but the bubbles and the scent once it’s in the water kind of just ruin it,  which is very disappointing to me because I love this scent so much. I probably won’t be purchasing this one again.



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