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Lush Yoga Bath Bomb

I thought I was going to hate this one when I heard about it and I had no intentions of picking this one up, but my boy gifted it to me and I actually ended up really like this one. This bath bomb is a really cool bath bomb overall, I am a pretty big fan of it now. This is the Yoga Bath Bomb from Lush and it’s the topic of chatter for today.


I want to start out by saying that this bath bomb looks pretty boring, it just looks like a really basic orange bath bomb with a little bit of glitter in it, but that is for sure not all there is to this bath bomb, that is for sure. This bath bomb starts out orange but as it gets closer to the center it reveals a couple of other colors, purple and green, so in the bath tub it ends up swirling together orange, purple and green which is a very pretty sight to see. This one is also full of glitter, so it you don’t like glitter then do not pick this one up, this one is full of gold glitter and leaves the water so sparkly. At the very end, once everything has mixed and settled, this leaves the water the color you would expect it to by looking at it, it turns the water a lovely orange color.

Now for the smell of this one, this one is a little bit of a harder scent for me to describe, it’s not a normal scent that I am into so it’s a little bit tougher. I think this one has a little bit of a spicy scent to it and something more earthy to it, it’s a little bit woodsy. This is just a very grounding type of scent to me, it’s very relaxing and it’s something that you just have to sniff for yourself if you get a chance.

This scent of this one really lingers on the skin too, I can smell it on my skin easily on the next day, it’s kind of really nice but if you don’t like the smell of this then it really sucks.

Now, for the feel in the water, I really don’t think this one is anything that special when it comes to how it feels in the water, like all other Lush bath bombs I think that they feel really soft in the water, which this one is no exception but it’s also nothing special.

Overall, I like this bath bomb, I have to be in the mood for the scent but it smells really good, it’s quite pretty and really glittery so I am a fan.



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