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Lush Frozen Bath Bomb

Let it go! Let it go!

I had to do that, because this bath is the Frozen bath bomb and every time it’s mentioned that is all that I can think of, which I’m sure I’m not the only one like that. This bath bomb was inspired by Frozen, as long as I’m understanding correctly, and if it’s not then it really looks like it was. The only thing about it that I think doesn’t completely sync up with that themeing is the scent of this, this just wasn’t the scent that I was thinking would go along with a bath bomb for Frozen but then again, what do I know?


Since I was just talking about the scent of this one,let me start with this, plus the scent is usually what I like to start with because it’s one of the main things to me. This bath bomb has a floral scent to it, which I’m not a big fan of usually because I don’t like floral scents that smell fake or overwhelming at all, which a lot of floral scents that I’ve come across are like one of those things. This one isn’t, it’s a very soft floral scent, it doesn’t smell particularly fake or overwhelming, which is a good thing to me. This one has a soft floral type of scent and a little bit of a citrus under note, it’s very faint but it smells really nice and I like it.

This one is pretty cool in the water, it’s only blue and white so it fizzes out those two colors, they swirl together beautifully in the water though. Once they’ve fizzed out they leave the water blue, exactly what you would expect from the look of this one, but the color this leaves the water is such a beautiful shade of blue and half of a bath bomb accomplishes this color even, it’s really amazing and quite beautiful. The color reminds of the beach, with beautiful blue water. This one also has a lot of silver glitter in it, so if you don’t like glitter than this one is for sure not for you.

Like usual the feel of this one is pretty standard in the water, it makes the water feel really soft and luxurious but it’s nothing really out of the ordinary when it comes down to it.

Overall I do like this bath bomb, it has to be something that I’m in the mood for because of the scent of it and me not being a huge floral scent kind of fan, but it smells nice and mixes well with most other scents plus this one is really pretty in the bath tub, it’s so blue and sparkly.



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