The Perfect Palette Tag

It has been quite sometime since I’ve done a tag of any sort I think, but I like to do them every so often, usually I do them when I’ve seen one and that inspires me to do it myself. And today I’m going to be doing the perfect palette tag, as you might assume, it seemed really fun but it made me realize I don’t have as many palettes as I thought I did but I still want to do it so that’s what I’m doing. Let’s get on to the questions.

Best Packaging?

Tarte Tartlette Tease. I just think this one is great, it’s really cute but still simple and it’s very little so it’s easy to carry.

Best Color Payoff?

Wet n Wild Comfort Zone. This is probably the cheapest palette I have but the color payoff is insane in this, the only thing is these are really powdery but the colors are still crazy.

Most Versatile?

Makeup Revolution Iconic 3. This doesn’t have a crazy amount of color options but I can still do so many different looks with this.

Best For Travelling?

Tarte Tartlette Tease. I can do a whole look with this palette and it’s so small and easy to carry with me anywhere, I can put this in a suitcase easily or even throw it in a purse, it’s easy to carry everywhere.

Biggest Regret?

Urban Decay Vice. The first one, I thought I needed it but I never used it and could never come up with good looks from it so it ended up being such a waste for me. I ended up depotting the few that I liked and throwing away the rest. Please don’t kill me for that.

Best Color Names?

Tarte Tartlette In Bloom. They are just such cute names that make me happy, that whole palette makes me happy, it so cute and versatile.

Least Used?

Makeup Revolution Romantic Smoked. I thought I would use this a  lot but I really haven’t touched this one but once or twice since I’ve gotten it.

Most Used?

Lorac Pro Matte. I’ve seriously used this so much, I use it in most looks even if I only use a shade or two, it just has such nice shadows that work well with so any things. This is a palette I have hit pan on with a lot of the shades and have clear dips in pretty much all of them, I will purchase this if I run out of any of the shades because I need it in my life. I have a extreme love of this one, clearly.

Most Loved?

My Z Palette. I’m not sure if this is cheating but I didn’t want to say my Lorac Pro Matte again and I do love this a lot, it’s full of shadows that I’ve picked out and it’s just really cool and a pretty color.

Desert Island?

Morphe 35O. I just feel like I would use the crap out of this, plus desert islands make me think of warm tones so it makes sense to me.



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