Things I Love for Spring!

It’s still spring and it’s finally starting to warm up some here, when I’m writing this it’s actually a really nice day out and it has been for the past few days, which is a nice relief from all of the rain that had been happening for a few days. Anyway, with all of this nice weather I’ve decided to share a few make up products that I really love for spring, kind of like an overall seasonal favorite, I may even do this for other seasons but we’ll see what happens. For now we will talk about spring!


Let’s just jump on in, the first thing is the Philosophy The Color of Grace Amazing Grace Shimmering Face Powder. This is my favorite highlighter and I’ve been using it sparingly after I realized that I can no longer get it, but I’m also realizing that I should enjoy it so I have been more. This is a really soft pink highlighter, it’s very faint and really beautiful because it’s so soft but still gives a really fantastic glow to the face.

I forgot I had this and have been really pulling this a lot more as of recently, this just makes me thing of spring, it is the Maybelline Color Whisper in Made it Mauve. This is just a really pretty my lips but better color,it’s really easy to wear with any look and it’s soft. Soft is something I love during the spring time.

I’m not a big gloss fan, in fact the gloss that I’m about to talk about is the only gloss that I own but it is a really good one. Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie in the shade Birthday Babe is the lipgloss that I am talking about, I love the feel of this on the lips, it’s tingly and I like that. This goes great by itself or over pretty much any color, it’s just a really lovely shade and it doesn’t feel overly sticky or anything like that.

Tarte Tartlette In Bloom Palette. Everything about this just screams spring to me, the packaging, the eyeshadow inside and the name of this palette, I really think that they released this at the wrong time but I still love this palette and see myself reaching for this a lot during this time of the year, it’s just a really fantastic product and palette.

This color is just perfect for spring and it’s really fun and subtle way to wear color I think, at least the way that I use it. This is the Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner in Mint Julep.I like to use this in my waterline sometimes instead of a nude or white, I think it looks nice against my blue eyes and I think that this is a fun way to use color without being overwhelming.

This is new to me but everything about this screams spring to me, that is the Becca Mineral Blush in Flowerchild, I love the color of this and the name and the fact that it gives a little bit of glow to the face. This one is just really springy to me overall.

The last thing is something that I really wasn’t sure about when I picked it up but I had to have it because it was pretty, this is the Wet n Wild Ombre Blush in the shade In A Purple Haze. I actually really love this, it’s very pretty when all swirled together, it is a really pinky purple but it’s not obnoxious in color and it is the only blush that I have that looks anything like this.

And that is all of my spring favorites, it’s a short list but there are things that I am finding myself reaching for a lot and products that just embody spring to me, so softer looking items and beautiful pinky colors. I love all of these.



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