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Lush Ocean Salt Face And Body Scrub

This was a product that I never looked at when I was at Lush, I had heard of it but it didn’t seem like something that I needed based on what I had heard about it, how I came to try this was completely different. My fiance, which at the time was my boyfriend, had this and I would use it on my legs before I shaved every so often and after visiting a few times and realizing I was the only one who used it I swiped it and brought it home to Florida with me. This is long gone though, I used this up a while ago so I guess it’s clear that I liked it but I’m still going to talk about it more, so stick around if you want to hear more in depth why I liked this scrub.


I will start by saying this, I have never used this on my face just because it always scared me a little bit, it seemed like it would be a little bit too abrasive for my face. I have only used this on my legs and I love it for that, it’s a really fantastic exfoliater before shaving, as long as there are no cuts on your leg because this is salt and citrus which means this will not be pleasant in those cuts.

So I guess it is clear now that this product is a salt scrub, usually I am not a fan of salt scrubs but this one is amazing. It has both fine and coarse sea salt it in, so it’s coarse but it’s not too coarse and it’s not too fine either, it’s a very perfect consistency if you ask me. This also feels moisturizing on my skin, this one has avocado butter and coconut oil in, so that’s probably what gives it that feel. I never used this on my face but this product has both lime juice and vodka in it which I think would be amazing for your skin, they both are very cleansing ingredients. The ingredients in this scrub are just amazing and I really need to pick up some more of this sometime.

Also, if you’re not a fan of your products having vodka in them then they have a few other versions of this too, one being alcohol free, the other two are self preserving and alcohol free and self preserving, so they have you covered for sure.

The last thing that I want to talk about is the scent of this, I really love the scent of that but I’m sure that’s not a surprise seeing as this is citrusy and I love citrus. I hear that some people think this smells like a cocktail but I really don’t get that as much, it kind of smells like these gluten free cookies that I get every so often, which I’m sure sounds really strange but that’s what it reminds me of. I am a big fan of the scent.

So overall I am a huge fan of this and really need to pick some more of this up because I haven’t used it in so long now and the scrub that I’m using currently just isn’t cutting it.



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