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Lush Space Girl Bath Bomb

This product is long gone in Lush stores now, it used to be a regular line product but it was discontinued to make room for newer and better things, so this one had to go. I didn’t actually try this bath bomb until it was on it’s way out and after trying it I was kind of sad to see it go, but alas it has to go whether I liked it or not so all I had to use were the three I ordered to try out before they left stores. So  now let’s talk about this bath bomb that is long gone now.


This is such a cute little bath bomb even if it is pretty basic looking when it comes down to it but I still think it’s cute. It reminds me of a UFO, which I’m sure it isn’t suppose to but that is what it reminds me of. It’s purple with a lot of red glitter on it, there’s no surprises on the inside, it’s just purple all the way through.  While I’m talking about the outer appearance of the bath bomb I guess I’ll tell you about what the does once it hits the water, this just makes logical sense to me. As one would expect it ends up turning the water purple, but when you first toss it in the water it is mostly red and then it fizzes out into the purple color that you see, resulting in alight purple color in the bath that looks a little bit grey, it’s nice.

The scent of this is a little bit strange for me to describe but I think I can do it, this is both sweet and fruity but it’s a hard scent for me to put my finger on exactly which ones the scent reminds me of. The fruity note is strange to me, it kind of smells like berries but at the same time it doesn’t really smell like anything in particular except fruity. However, for the sweet it reminds me a little bit of bubble gum, I hate the smell of bubble gum but this isn’t too overwhelming. So, if you’re not a fan of sweet products I would avoid this one if you cross paths at some point some how.

This one doesn’t feel like anything special once in the water, it’s really just pretty average but there’s nothing wrong with that because all Lush bath bombs feel so soft in the water and leave me feeling really soft.

And that is all for this one, short and to the point I think, I hope you enjoyed!



One thought on “Lush Space Girl Bath Bomb

  1. I loved how cute this bath bomb was! They could have done so much more with it though, filled it with more glitter and different colours or something, I hope they redesign it at some point for a limited edition or something!


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