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Lush Ladybug Bubble Bar

Today I will be reviewing the only Mothers Day product that I have picked up from Lush and if I’m being honest I really had no interest in the line, but my friend sent me this so I had to use this and I actually didn’t hate the sent of it once I got it. Had she not sent it I probably would have missed out on the cute little bubble bar.

This little bubble bar is so cute! I have probably said that about so many bubble bars at this point in time but they just keep making bubble bars so cute so I can’t really help myself, it Lush’s fault for making their bubble bars so adorable. This little bubble bar is shaped like a ladybug and it’s just so cute, I had such a hard time using this one because I just didn’t want to break it apart or cut but in the end I did.

I didn’t have any intention of picking this up just because this did not sound like a scent for me, it sounded like it was going to be floral and minty which sounded just awful, but upon sniffing it I actually kind of like it. It has a minty quality to it but it’s really very faint and not the main attraction really, this actually smells quite fruity to me. I don’t really pick up anything in particular but it smells of sweet fruit to me and a little bit minty, it’s a little bit strange to me but I really like it.

This one is about a mid sized bubble bar I think, it’s not quite as big as Brightside and Comforter but it’s not the size of a bubbleron. I used just the butt of this, so somewhere between a fifth and quarter of it and it made so many bubbles in my bath. I’m sure by now we know that I don’t like a crazy amount of bubbles in my bath but I still like some and this one made more than I usually want from such a little amount, it’s was honestly really impressive. This little ladybug packs a lot of punch and bubbles in her, so if you like a lot of bubbles I would completely pick this one up.

The feel in the water is pretty standard, it always has a soft feel but it’s nothing amazing or really moisturizing, it’s just average. This turns the water red, of course, and it’s a really beautiful shade of red. This might be a strange thing but Lush products that turn the water red are always so pretty, in my experience anyway.

Overall, I like this bubble bar a lot and would probably pick up another one. This adorable little ladybug is proof that sometimes things are surprising and just because you don’t think you’ll like something you might, just pick it up and give it a sniff.



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