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Lush Refresher Shower Jelly

I am super excited about this one because I love shower jellies and this is one of the new jellies at Lush and the only one of the three new jellies that I really enjoy and like, probably because this one smells like citrus and that is right up my alley and the other two just didn’t appeal to me at all, but for anyone who knows my scent preferences isn’t surprised by this.

I’m just going to dive into this one and start talking about the scent of this one. By now you know that this one is citrusy because I already said that above, this one leans more towards the lemon side of citrus, it’s really just a straight up lemon scent. This one also smells like candy, it has a sweetness to it, which I am very favorable of and if you like a little bit of sweet scents and really citrusy ones, this one will be perfect for you because it smells amazing.

This one is really pretty to look at I think, it’s yellow as you can see and would probably expect out of something that is lemon scented. This one is also sparkly, it makes the jelly look so pretty and it’s really cool to look at because it looks kind of gold.

This is like every other shower jelly to me, it’s very moisturizing, of course and that’s the reason that I fell in love with this kind of product, I haven’t come across a jelly that isn’t moisturizing as fuck. This one lathers in the shower really well if you smoosh it into a loofah and it lingers on the skin for a little while.

I feel like this one was super short but I don’t think that I have anything more to say about this one, I am a big fan of this one and think that it’s a really nice product, even though it’s a little funky kind of product.



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