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Lush Christmas Eve Bubble Bar

It’s time for another product that has come from the archives of the Holiday season in 2014, something that I assumed they were going to bring back in 2015 because this was a product that was around for so many holiday season before but they didn’t bring it back and that crushes my little dreams because this is quite possibly my favorite bubble bar, and if not it is for sure in the top three for me and I would have loved to get my hands on  a few more of these this past holiday season but I guess it just wasn’t in the cards for me.


This bubble bar is very adorable I think, it looks like the night sky and a crescent moon and I’m pretty sure that’s what it is supposed to look like, I like it and this bubble bar is really dreamy and relaxing so I think it’s a fantastic design to go along with the scent of the bubble bar. I really like it.

The scent of this one is amazing and is probably one of my favorite scents, I’m not the biggest fan of floral scents but this floral scent is perfect for me, it’s very soft, it’s not perfumey or strong. This one smells very natural to me like what it’s supposed to, it smells like jasmine and I adore the smell of fresh jasmine which is what this one reminds me of that and makes me very happy. This scent is very relaxing to me also, when I get in the bath with this and northern lights I really don’t ever want to get out of the bath because it just smells so wonderful and calming.

This bubble bar makes a lot of bubbles, I usually cut thing one into four pieces and use it four times and it still makes a fair amount of bubbles and I think if you used a third of this or half of this it would make a ton of bubbles. I think this one is a great value for the size of the bubble bar because I think that this one is kind of a mid sized one and getting four uses out of it is quite impressive I think.

This one feels amazing in the water, it give the water such a nice luxurious feel to it and it feels so silky, I’m a huge fan of that too. Plus the scent lingers on my skin for the entire day and that is another thing that I love about this bubble bar. So overall I am a huge fan of this one and would consider this one of my favorite bubble bars for sure, it’s really nice.



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