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Lush Drummers Drumming Bubble Bar

This is my last Christmas product that  have to review, unless I pick up something new that I haven’t had before from past years or until this season later on this year, because I am sure they’ll be new things and things that I pick up. I’m excited to finally really be at the end of holiday things, I’m really catching up on posts I think.


This is a reusable bubble bar from the 2014 holiday season, it’s really cute and it reminds me of the new Mmm Melting Marshmallow Moment Bath Melt, except bigger and the smell isn’t the same but the appearance is very similar. I like the look of it a lot, it’s a really cute design and it’s pretty fun too because you can twist it and the bells hit it like if it were a drum, it’s really quite cool.

This one is a great value because you can use it again and again but they did not bring this one back this past year, however I do think that Peeping Santa smells very similar to this one and I am actually pretty sure that they share the same scent. I haven’t fully used mine up but I feel like you’d be able to use this at least five times, for sure more if you like a little bit less bubbles, either way it is for sure a great bang for your buck.

This has a really sweet scent to it and I believe it shares it’s scent with Yummy Yummy Yummy, so it smells of strawberries as well. I am a big fan of this scent actually, it smells really sweet and candy like, it doesn’t smells of fresh strawberries to me but instead kind of like those strawberry hard candies. I’m a fan of it but if you don’t like sweeter things then I would avoid this one.

This one makes a fair amount of bubbles in the bath, I think it’s pretty average when it comes to the amount of bubbles that this one makes, it’s just the right speed for me. This also turns your water a really nice pinky orange kind of color, which I guess is to be expected since this one is pink and yellow, it’s a really pretty color.



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