May 2016 Favorites

It’s that time of the month that I love and hate, love because I really enjoy talking about things that I’ve been digging but hate because it’s already the end of another month and I hate knowing that. This year is flying by so quickly and I can’t believe that it’s already June, it’s half way through the year, that is completely insane to think about and so hard to wrap my head around. But I guess whether I like it or not it’s going to continue on. So, let’s celebrate a new month by talking about things that I was loving last month.


This is something that I’ve been using a lot this month just due to a couple of break outs and enjoying putting on a full face of makeup, usually that’s as far as I would get too, meaning I would not put on eye make up a lot of the time this past month because I’ve been really into a nice glowy and perfect face. Enough rambling without telling you what I’m talking about, which is the  Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in Snow, this is such a fantastic foundation, it’s lightweight but has a lot of coverage and that is something that I for sure can get behind.

I said that I’ve been really into glowy skin so this next thing is for sure something that makes sense with that and it is the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid in Moonstone. I love this stuff, it’s so easy to work with and it’s such a pretty shade and it’s so soft, it’s not too in your face like some highlights can be. I really like this.

Wet n Wild Illumi-Naughty Highlighting and Concealing Pen in I-Vory Into You, this is something else that kind of goes with that glowy face that I’ve been enjoying, it’s really subtle but it’s very brightening and adds a little something extra to my look which I really like. This product was a little bit weird to use for the first couple times because I wasn’t really sure if it was doing anything and how entirely to use it, but I’ve figured it out and it works really well.

With this next item I’m going to be combinging two things, I really like both things as separates but I have been really enjoying them together this past month and those things are the Covergirl Katy Perry Matte Lipsticks in Kitty Purry and Catoure. These mixed together make a really lovely shade that I love, I’ve been into mixing lipsticks a little bit this month because I realized that I could do that but this combo is something that I keep coming back to because it’s so pretty together.

I’ve only used this one once this month because I am trying to get through all of my nail polish to see what I like and what I don’t want, but this is something that has stuck out to me this month because it just looks like a really fantastic spring kind of nail polish. This is the Ulta Nail Polish in the shade Quit Metal-ing and it’s pretty fantastic, it goes on really nicely and it lasts quite well to so I am a big fan.

Not Your Mothers Plump For Joy Hair Thickening Hair Lifter this is the last thing and this is something that I got from a Voxbox and actually really love, I don’t have to talk about these products after I review them the first time but I just genuinely love this product. The smell is really awesome too, it smells of fake peach and I really love that and it enhances the curl in my hair which I like.

This month I didn’t have a lot to talk about but these were all things that I really enjoyed this past month and stuck out to me so I’m really glad that I got the chance to share these products with you guys.




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