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Lush Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment Bath Oil

This cute little guy is the first of the new bath oils that I have gotten to try, I didn’t pick any up myself just because I wasn’t sure if they were going to be too much plus when they were in the kitchen I lived in Florida and that just seemed like a nightmare. I never tried the old version of this so I don’t really have anything to compare this to.

I think that this little melt is really adorable, it’s not anything super special or really exciting but I still think that it’s really cute because of the colors. I really love the colors yellow and pink together so that is probably why I think this is such a cute product. This little bath oil packs a lot of punch though, even if it is a little bit on the small side and I want to tell you guys about it, so let’s jump on into this review.

I have talked about the appearance of this bath oil, which is the first thing that I notice when I see a product and what makes me pick it up and sniff it. So, I guess it makes logically sense that the next thing that I talk about is the scent of this. This may smell familiar to you and now just because this is a redesign of an old product but this product shares it’s scent with Snow Fairy. So, if you’re looking for some Snow Fairy love and it’s not the holiday season, this is one of the products that will be able to help you curb that craving.  So, this one is a really sweet scent and a Lush classic, it smells of bubble gum and candy, which is so sweet of a scent.

I used half of mine and mixed it with a bath bomb so I can’t really vouch for what color this would turn the water, but judging by the colors that this one is I would assume that it would turn the water a light orange kind of shade, because pink and yellow make orange but I can’t say this with complete certainty.

As for the feel in the water I am very glad that I cut this in half because if I had used the whole thing in one go, I like my moisture but this bath oil meant serious business. It leaves the bath water feeling so soft and silky, very luxurious which I guess may be why they call a Luxury Bath Oil. I really liked this and could see myself really reaching for this during the winter months a lot more, I think it’ll do wonder for my skin during those colder months, especially since I’m not completely used to that harsh weather.

So overall this is a really great product and it’s super cute now, I am a big fan and could see myself purchasing this and being able to mix this with a lot of things because of the sweetness that it has.



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