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Lush Butter Ball Bath Bomb

I think it’s time to go back in the depths of my drafts and talk about something that I’ve been meaning to talk about, this one is a Lush classic I think. This is such a basic bath bomb but it’s also one of my favorites probably and I really do think this should be considered a classic if it’s not. Let’s get into talking more in depth about this boring looking little bath bomb.


This is one of the smaller bath bombs that you can get at Lush and this one is one of the more boring looking ones, I feel like it gets overlooked sometimes in the midst of all of the pretty colored bath bombs but I am still a fan of this one.

The smell of this one is really pretty basic but it’s nice, it’s nothing too in your face. It smells of vanilla to me, it’s something that’s very faint but that’s something that I like a lot about it, it does well on it’s own but it can really easily be mixed with pretty much anything because of the light scent that it has.

This one looks really boring on the outside and it is a pretty boring bath bomb, there is nothing hiding in the center of this one, color wise anyway. So when this one fizzes it out it leaves the water mostly clear, it does leave the water looking just a tiny bit murky but for the most part it is pretty clear and doesn’t do anything really exciting when it hits the water. This bath bomb is a really quick fizzing once it hits the water, it’s gone in probably a minute if not less.

This bath bomb does have something really special about it and that’s the fact that it has chunks of cocoa butter in it, so it’s almost like a bath bomb and bath melt in one go. I love this aspect of it, it makes the water feel amazing and very luxurious, this is a bath bomb I go for a lot when I feel like my skin needs a little bit more moisture to it because this bomb is really great for that.

Overall, this one may be a little bit lack luster in appearance but the smell is fantastic and the feel of this is just wonderful, so I think this is a really great bath bomb that gets overlooked sometimes.



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