2016 · Food

Recipe Time: Sweet Potato Fries

I’ve recently talked about wanting to branch out with my blog and be able to post anything that I feel like posting without feeling weird, which is kind of what this post was inspired by, that and the fact that I’ve been eating these a lot because of the fact that I’m trying to eat better and work out more, which I’ve also talked about pretty recently. So this post is just something really new for me but something that I really want to do, even if it’s really simple.


this is a very simple recipe, it’s something that I came up with on my own and it only involves five ingredients, three of which are to the left of this text right here. These fries are very quick and easy to me and they are baked instead of fried, which are much better for me I think and if I slice them thin enough they really crisp up like regular fries would. Now let’s get into how to make these and the steps it takes to get them done.image

The first thing that I do is wash off the sweet potatoes, I don’t peel the skin off of mine so I want to make sure they are really clean and all then I chop them up into fry size pieces. Sometimes thicker and sometimes thinner depending on how I’m feeling,this time I believe I went a little bit thinner because I was feeling the crispy fries this afternoon that I was making these.


I forgot to photograph the next step but what I did was I combined a 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 1 tablespoon of brown sugar and a 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon and I mix it all together so that it coats all of the sweet potato pieces with a little bit of all of this mixture. Once it was completely coated I spread them out on a baking sheet that was covered with foil, I make sure that they are separated and they aren’t really piled on top of each other so they don’t stick together.

imageI stick them in the 350F oven and let them bake for 20 to 30 minutes, this is another thing that I decide on depending how I’m feeling, if I want them really crispy when they are thin I let them sit longer and or really soft when they are a little thicker, but I think 25 minutes is usually what I go with.

To the right is a picture of them completely finished, they are really tasty even if they don’t look like the best snack ever, they are super easy to make too and I’m really a big fan of these. I’ve made these probably six times now and they never disappoint. I also mixed in some pecans with them the last time and they were good too.

This is all there is to this one, I hope you guys enjoyed.



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