2016 · Lush · Review

Lush Let The Good Times Roll Facial Cleanser

I just really love this and I haven’t had it in my possession in far too long and I really should pick this up again because I love this stuff, so maybe I’ll pick it up when I take my next trip to Lush. This was the first facial cleanser from Lush that I tried and is one of two of the ones that I have tried, I really didn’t get too much into Lush skincare but there’s always room for me to get into it, we’ll see what happens. Right now we’ll be talking about this lovely product so let’s get right on into it.


I didn’t remember to photograph what the actual product looked like and because I don’t currently have any on hand I can’t show you guys what it looks like, but I can try and describe it. This stuff is really thick and it’s almost like sugar cookie dough, like the kind you freeze and then roll out and cut into shapes and it has little kernals of popcorn in it. The way that you use it is you mix a little bit water with a little bit of this product, it makes it so that it turns into a paste and you can spread it on your face.

This product also has a fine grit to it so it’s like an exfoliator, a very gentle one though, I feel like I could comfortably use this everyday and it wouldn’t harm my skin at all. This facial cleanser is also very moisturizing, I’ve had dry skin for quite a while and this really helps with that, I also think this would work well if your skin was normal, it may not be the best match for oily skin though. But for me it’s a really great match for my skin.

The smell of this is really amazing as well, it’s kind of the reason why I picked this product up. I’m sure I’m not the only one that does this, you know, goes into Lush and sniffs things then end up buying them because they smell good even if I don’t know a whole lot about them. However this ended up being a product that I really like so I have no regrets about picking this product up.



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