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June Lifestyle Favorites

I’ve decided to try out a new favorites post, will I continue doing this? I’m not sure but I might, either way I’m doing it now. Now that I’ve rambled for way too long let me tell you about this, I plan on doing lifestyle favorites and I’m sure you you knew that by the title. I don’t think there is much more to say about that, so let’s get chatting.

I’ve been enjoying my Kindle a lot this month, I kind of forgot that I had it for a little while but this past month I’ve really been using it quite a bit, I’ve read three books on in this past month on it and I’ve remembered that it’s a really great thing that I should use more often.

Next up is Bob’s Burgers, I have seen all of this show but I have started rewatching it with my fiance, not sure if he’s all about it as much as I am, but I’ve been really enjoying watching this show again because it’s really one of my favorites.

This next one might be really random but it’s Notebooks but specifically the ones that are smaller and can fit in my purse, I also have a pocket planner that falls into this. I just really like having something that I’m able to write things down on while I’m out or to be able to see what I have planned, I’m just a really big fan of pen and paper when it comes down to it.

I’m going to talk about a couple of snacks and the first is Cherry Blackberry Mio, I pretty much only drink water so every now and then it’s nice to have something to spice that up a little bit, even if that sounds weird and this has been my favorite this month. My other snack I’ve been all about is Peanut Butter and Honey Crackers and I just really like honey and peanut butter, it is one of my favorite combinations and I think it’s a little bit under loved, but I’ve been loving a lot in June.

This dress from Old Navy, I love Old Navy and I really love dresses, I love this one so much that I have it in black, black and white Striped and black and blue Striped. I’m debating picking this up in the orange color and the red and white striped, but I cannot decide if I need it or not. This is really comfortable and very cute, it’s super easy to wear and just one of my favorite things.

I was thinking about picking a specific item for the last one but I was having a really hard time making a choice so I decided to say this, Trader Joe’s is a favorite this month. I’ve been really enjoying a lot of food from Trader Joe’s so I couldn’t just pick one thing, thus saying the whole store.

And that’s all of the lifestyle favorites that I have for the month. I feel like this seems a little bit random but I’m pretty sure that’s what lifestyle favorites are.



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