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Tarte Grav3yardgirl Swamp Queen Palette Review

I was really excited when I found out about this palette because I really love Bunny, she’s one of my favorite youtubers and I could honestly watch her for hours, it’s very relaxing and enjoyable. So upon seeing the colors on the inside of this I knew that I needed to get my hands on it so that’s exactly what I did. I picked this up the morning that it showed up on the Ulta website and waited patiently. But now I have it and I’ve been playing with it a lot, so that means it’s time to review this and talk about it. This may be a long post so grab yourself a snack and settle in.

IMG_7790This is how it came to me, this is completely untouched and brand new, unopened. I made sure to photograph everything before I touched it and that was really hard because I was very excited to play with this, so I took almost all of these photos the second I got them because I have no patients and needed to play with it.


Upon opening the box this is what I found inside, a very sturdy palette that looked exactly like the outside of the box. I really love the design of this palette, it is very Bunny I think. I also really like the look of this because it doesn’t look like any other old palette, it’s pretty unique. Also it has an alligator with wings on it, that’s pretty cool I think. I also forgot to take a picture of the mirror on the inside and the only reason that I mention this is because it has a little message written across it that I really like and think is a really nice touch to it. It reads: Believe In Yourself. Love Yourself. Embrace Your Individuality.

IMG_7812And then I opened this palette and fell in love, seriously, I really love this palette and it is currently my favorite. That may be because it’s new to me or may be because it’s really pretty. I am very happy with this palette, it’s neutral but there are some colors in this one that aren’t really standard for neutrals even and I like that. I’m really a big fan. I also like that it comes with a blush, bronzer and highighter so you can do almost a whole face with this, I’m not the biggest fan of the bronzer but the other two are really fantastic products and I am a big fan of that.  This palette also comes with a brush, which I actually like a lot, it’s a really nice brush and I just like palettes that come with brushes. Another thing that I almost forgot to mention is that this palette smells like vanilla, it smells really good but it is a strange feature if you ask, something that I’m not completely sure why is a thing but it smells nice and doesn’t irritate my skin, so I don’t mind it at all.

IMG_7822Here are swatches of the entire palette together, I will be posting individual ones below but here is and overview. From top to bottom these are: #SFS, Natural Peaches, Dogman, Big baby, Sassy Bun, Sippy Sippy, Haunting, Uncommon, Mancat, Sweet Tea, Does This Things Really Work? and Gator Wings. Now to get into focusing in on each color by itself and better swatches of each one, along with what I think about every color by itself.

IMG_7944What I’ve done for all of the swatches is on the left I’ve swatched the eyeshadow over Too Faced Shadow Insurance and used the brush that came with the palette, the middle is a brush swatch with nothing else and the right is a finger swatch over nothing. Now that I’ve explained what the format of these swatches are let’s start talking about the shadows, first up is #SFS. This looks like a really soft shimmery peachy gold kind of shade, it’s very pretty and soft, I like to use it all over the lid because I think it’s a very nice shade for that however it is not my favorite eyelid color in the entire palette. This one has a very light shimmer to it, it’s fairly soft and it’s not insanely pigmented but it’s still very pretty and easy to work with.

 IMG_7945Next up is the shade Natural Peaches which for sure is the transition color in this palette. It’s one of the completely matte colors in this palette and it’s a really nice formula, is creamy and easy to blend out. This one is a very pretty peach kind of color, it’s slightly darker than what most might consider peach but it really fits into the name pretty well, I’ve used this one a fair amount and really like to use this in the crease before I set down any other  color and blend it out some, it’s really quite nice.

IMG_7946This next one is the shade Dogman and I was probably most excited about this color however when I saw it in the palette I was a little bit disappointed because it clearly had glitter in it however whenI use it on my eye or swatch it I can hardly see any glitter so it’s a very confusing shade to me. I still love it and it’s one of my favorite shades from this entire palette, it’s a beautiful rusty orange color and it is almost matte, it has a very fine gold glitter in it that I barely notice most of the time. This blends really nicely and is such a pretty color, it makes an amazing warm eye and I can see myself using this during the fall a lot more and I’m very excited to play with this.

IMG_7947Up next is the shade Big Baby which I think you can barely see on my hand because it is pretty much the same shade as my skin. This shade seems to be pretty standard in most eyeshadows palettes now, I use this pretty often but I also have a shade just like this in every other eyeshadow palette that I own so this color isn’t really anything special. However I do find myself using a shade like this with every eyeshadow look because, like a fair amount of people, I like to use this kind of shade to blend out and soften my eye look, which this does really well for me and I really like the formula of this shade.

IMG_7948The next shade is Sassy Bun which might be my favorite out of this whole palette. I really like this color and find myself going for it quite a lot, it’s part of my favorite eye look from this palette. This is a really true yellow gold kind of color, it also has a shimmer to it that is very pretty. This color is also one of the most pigmented out of the palette, it applies like a dream and overall it’s a really pretty color that is really easy to work with and it’s a win for me.

IMG_7949If you use primer with this next one it is insanely pigmented, this is the shade Sippy Sippy. Upon seeing swatches of the palette I thought this one was going to be matte but when I got it in my hands it had gold chunky glitter in it, which doesn’t really show up too much once it’s blended out and on my eye, these shadows are very confusing to me. I still really like this shadow and am very impressed with the pigmentation of it, it’s a very soft really dark brown shade with some gold chunky glitter in it.

IMG_7950This is another shade that does really well over a primer but not as good by itself, this is the shade Haunting. This color really leans towards to rosy side because it is in fact very rosy, it’s a lighter pinky mauve kind of shade with just the slightest bit of shimmer to it. It’s really very pretty and makes a really nice lid color I think. This shade is really soft and easy to work with and overall I think that this one is really soft and pretty, Haunting is an interesting name too but a great color.

IMG_7951This one is so pretty by itself and it’s another one of the more pigmented ones in this palette and this one is called Uncommong. This is another kind of rosy color, it looks like a rosy bronze kind of color to me that is very shimmery, it’s not glittery but instead it has a shimmer to it. It is so beautiful on it’s own and I think this would be a really beautiful all over lid color for a slightly darker look but I also think this would do a great job anywhere on the eye to mix into the look, it’s just a very pretty shade that I am a big fan of.

IMG_7953This color was a little bit surprising because it’s probably the darkest looking color in this whole palette but it’s not as pigmented as I thought it was going to be, however I still like it as it is another one that is completely matte in this palette. This one is very soft and easy to work with, it can be built up pretty easily but you can also blend it out a fair amount to make it look a lot softer, it’s a very versatile shade. This color is for sure still in that rosy tone kind of family but much darker, even though it doesn’t completely look like it in the pan and it looks kind of really brown in my swatches above, but it still has that rosy purple kind of look to it.

IMG_7954Now it is time to get into the face products that are in the palette and first up is the bronzer in the shade Sweet Tea. I hate this bronzer, not the formula but the color and the fact that there are chunks of gold glitter in it, I’m just not a fan of this. The color is completely wrong for myself and it looks really orangey, which I’m sure some like but I hate. The product itself isn’t bad at all, it’s very easy to work with and sheer out or build up if you want to, it applies easily and it’s really soft powder but doesn’t have a whole lot of fall out, this bronzer just isn’t for me due to personal preferences.

 IMG_7955Up next is the blush in this palette and I don’t hate this one, the color is actually very pretty and I think it would be flatter a lot of skin tones, it’s just a really pretty mid tone pink with the slightest bit of gold glitter throughout it. The glitter in this isn’t insanely noticeable and instead gives you a kind of glow to the cheek, so it’s more of a glowy blush which I don’t mind at all. This can be sheered out pretty easily too I think and really built up for a bold look, which is nice because it’s always nice to have all of the options.

IMG_7957This is my favorite part of the entire palette and I would have completely bought this palette just for this item, even if I hated everything else I needed this highlight. Holy crap, it is so pretty and so sparkly which I am a really big fan of but there’s not chunks of glitter in it, it gives the best glow and I love it so much. The color of this leans more towards the gold side but it’s not obnoxiously gold either, it’s just perfect and I want Tarte to sell this separate so I can always have this highlighter, it’s that good.

Woo, I am very excited to be done with this post because I have been working on it for quite some time now and if you’ve read it all down to this point, thank you, I’ve put a lot of time into trying to review this palette in depth. I don’t think I have anything more to say other than overall I’m really glad that I own this palette and it is still one of my favorites a month after owning it, so I would for sure recommend this palette if it seems like colors you would enjoy.



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