2016 · Bath · Review

Musee Tiny Dancer Bath Bomb Review

I had never heard of this brand before but I was with my family and fiance at this giant Yankee Candle store in Williamsburg, Virginia, which is the biggest Yankee Candle store I have ever seen but that’s a completely different story for another time. We were walking around and came across bath bombs and being me I had to sniff them all and bring a couple home and try them out. This is the first one that I will be talking about.


I picked this one up because it smelled a lot like my favorite perfume at the moment which is Pacifica Sugared Amber Dreams, it smells so good which is why this one came home with me and was the first bath bomb I used when I got home. This is the Tiny Dancer bath bomb from Musee and this one has almond oil and orange essential oil and I don’t think it smells like either of these things at all. This doesn’t really have a scent description on their website so I’m just going to tell you guys what I think it smells like because it’s not almond and orange to me at all.

This smelled really good to me and I think it’s clear that I enjoyed the smell of this a lot because I got home and used this probably the night that I got it because I was really into the scent. I pick up a rich kind of Vanilla type scent with a little hint of amber to it, it’s a very soft scent but it’s also a little bit mature and really sexy I think. I’m a big fan of this scent and not sure how else to describe this really.

This one is really cute on the outside I think, it’s pretty simple but at the same time I really like it and like that it has two different colors. This is half orange and half pink, so I wasn’t completely sure what color it was going to be when it hit the water but I had an idea kind of what it was going to be. The color of the water ended up being a really pretty light peachy kind of color, which I kind of expected it to lean a lot more orange but it didn’t completely do that, it was quite pretty actually.  There was also a surprise in the center, the surprise made me think that this bath bomb was probably made for children because the surprise in the middle is a little ring in the shape of two ballet shoes, which is probably why this one is called Tiny Dancer.

I didn’t think that this was anything special in the water, meaning I don’t think that it felt particularly luxurious or like any special at all in the bath, it was a pretty bland bath bomb in terms of feeling in the bath. The scent lasted pretty well in the bath water but it didn’t last that well on my skin, so I feel like it just wasn’t anything special.

Overall I probably wouldn’t pick this one up again, it was good but it just wasn’t as good as my Lush bath bombs which are about the same price that this one cost me, this one does smell pretty great though.



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