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Lorac Pro 3 Palette Review

I’m pretty sure I’ve said a couple times now that I bought two eyeshadow palettes because I have no self control, and this is the second one that I picked up so I’ve decided to share my feeling and opinions on this eyeshadow palette as well. I’ve had this one for as long as I’ve had the Tarte one and I’ve been switching box and forth a lot so I probably have about the same amount of experience with this one as I do the other, which means I think I can give a pretty decent review of this one. So, let’s get into it and for warning this post will also probably be very long just like my last eyeshadow palette review.


IMG_7798Alright, here is a photo of the inside of the palette over all, I did use flash but that was because I really could not get a natural light photo of the inside of this palette that I though accurately portrayed the colors of the eyeshadow so I went with a flash photo, for the most pare I think that everything looks pretty true to color and there will be a lot more photos to show off the colors coming up.

IMG_7828And here are some swatches of all of the shades together, the left side is all of the mattes and the right side is all of the shimmery shades in the palette. And from top to bottom on the left side are Blanc, Canvas, Cool Taupe, Pink Nude, Clay, Terracotta, Dk. Brown and Jet Black. Now onto the shimmer colors on the right side, also from top to bottom they are Lt, Gold, Almond Pearl, Medallion, Lt. Pewter, Amethyst, Rose Bronze, Dk. Mocha and lastly Truffle. I’m a big fan of pretty much all of these shades although there are some that I think I’ll use more than others, like Clay, Teracotta, Lt. Pewter and Rose Bronze. Those are some of my favorites so far but once again, I am a big fan of all of these except for one and they are all really pretty pigmented and easy to work with.

IMG_7918On the left will be the eyeshadow over primer applied with a brush, the middle will be applied with a brush and no primer and the right is a finger swatch with no primer also.

This first color is easily the lightest in the whole palette and I feel like you can barely see it on my skin, it’s not quite white but it’s also not flesh toned for me personally, this is a really between those two shades for me. This is the shade Blanc, it’s a matte and the formula of this is just like all other Lorac shadows that I have tried, meaning it’s very so and blendable which makes it’s really easy to work with.

IMG_7919This swatch is the only one that I did on the back of my wrist, I was trying to figure out which I liked better and it was clear very quickly that I did not like swatches on my wrist so back to the hand I went after this one. This is another really light color and this one is the shade Canvas, which is that color that is matte and about my skin tone that seems to be in every palette now, which I use these kind of shades really often so I don’t mind but at the same time I have so many of them at this point that I’m not really sure if I’m going to be able to use all of these up. This one’s formula is also really great, it’s matte and very easy to work with, it does a great job how I use it which is using it to blend out the harsh lines a little bit and soften them in my eyeshadow look, so I like this I just don’t know if I really needed another shade like this.
IMG_7920Now back to the hand swatches, which look so much better. This one is the shade Cool Taupe and I think that’s exactly what this one looks like, Lorac doesn’t have super interesting names but most of the time they are really spot on with what color they are. This is a much cooler brown shade that looks a little bit taupe, it’s very pigmented, very soft and easy to work with, which I’m sure I’ll say too many times. This is a really nice crease shade I think and pairs with a lot of different looks.
IMG_7921The next shade is Pink Nude and I’m not going to lie, I was really surprised with this swatch because in the pan this looks like a completely different shade to me, in fact I thought they placed them in the incorrect order but I don’t think that they did. I am also kind of glad that it doesn’t look like it does in the pan because I’m a much bigger fan of this shade. This one has that great matte formula and is easy to work with, it’s a really lovely shade that I can use for either a crease color or lid color depending on the look that I’m going for, so it’s pretty versatile .

IMG_7922Up next is the shade Clay which is one of the ones that I was really excited about when looking at the palette online and I’m pretty impressed with it still. Swatched I can barely tell a difference so I think that this one looks really good and is really pigmented. It’s a really pretty brown shade that leans a little bit pink on a way to me, I really like it. This looks really good to me and I’m pretty happy with it, I’m not completely sure where the name came from as it doesn’t make me think of clay.

IMG_7923This next one is called Terracotta which is probably the color that I was most excited about because it looks kind of yellow but not like it’s yellow, I have a hard time describing it but it’s a really interesting color and this one let me down a little bit. I still like the shade but it wasn’t what I was expecting it to be, this looks like a mid toned brown that for sure leans on the warm side, it has a little bit of an orangey color to it, which I do not mind. This has that soft and beautifully blendable texture that all of the other mattes have.

IMG_7924This next shade is Dk. Brown, which once again the name isn’t anything interesting but it really describes the color well. I think that this shade of dark brown leans more towards the cool side but it’s actually pretty close to the middle, which I think is really nice and makes it really easy to work with. This color works really well to darken up a look and I really like to use it on the outer corner or sometimes in the crease if I’m going for a really dark look, not that I do that too often but I had to play with this a little bit.

IMG_7925I already have this color in my Lorac Pro Matte palette and I don’t use it in that one at all, so I don’t think this one is going to get a lot of use for me. I really don’t use black eyeshadow ever and if I do owning one black matte eyeshadow is more than enough to last me for quite some time. This is pretty damn black and it’s very soft and easy to work with, it also makes a pretty decent eyeliner when you wet your brush a little bit, it’s kind of like a softer black eyeliner. This isn’t a color that I’ll get a lot of use out of but it’s still a great formula.

IMG_7926Alright, now we are finished with the mattes and it’s time to talk about the shimmer shades and up first it Lt. Gold. This is a shade that I wasn’t sure that I was going to be all about but I actually really like it, it makes a really pretty highlight color or even a really nice eyelid color, it’s light and shimmery and very pretty. This is a very light gold kind of color, it’s really quite soft and blendable, I’m actually a pretty big fan of this shade and it’s probably in my top five favorite shade from this entire palette.

IMG_7927I was really excited for this shade because this looked like a really me kind of shade, I really love shimmery champagne colored shades, like a lot of people, and this looked like a softer shade of that. Which is actually pretty much what this one is and I do really enjoy it. This one isn’t quite as soft in texture as some of the others but it is still pretty easy to work with, it’s a color that I use pretty often.

IMG_7928I’m going to be honest and say that I haven’t played with this one a lot but this one is easily the hardest to work with and probably the worst formula in this entire palette, it almost feels like it doesn’t belong in this palette. Without a primer it’s almost impossible to work with, it’s very patchy and doesn’t apply well at all, it almost looks like glitter smeared everywhere. Even with a primer this one is a little bit harder to work with, it’s very patchy and has a lot of fall out, it’s for sure my least favorite out of all of the colors and I’m kind of disappointed because it could be so pretty. I’m planning on trying to work with this but we’ll see how it goes.

IMG_7929I am really starting to notice that a lot of these shades tend to lean a little more into the pinky or purply family, this is for sure another one that does and this is the shade Lt. Pewter. The name for this one isn’t entirely fitting but there are a few in here that aren’t really, I don’t mind because I really like this color and think that it swatches beautifully. I also really like using this color in my eye looks because it’s a very pretty pinky brown kind of shade and I like that a lot. The shimmer isn’t overwhelming and the formula for this is fantastic.

IMG_7930Apparently I was wrong and didn’t know what I was talking about when I said that I didn’t do any more swatches on the back of my hand, this one must have slipped by me double checking but I am sure that this is the last time that I did this in this post. Anyway, this color is Amethyst and I was expecting a purple by the name but I’m not upset about this color, when looking at this palette online this was probably one of the shades that I was most excited about because it really stuck out and looked like a shade that I would enjoy, plus I’m not sure that I have another color that looks like this in my collection. This is a really soft shimmer to this one, it almost looks matte but theres a shimmer there, so I guess this one might get described as a satin finish. It’s really a beautiful red shade that almost looks brown, this one is also probably one of my favorites in the whole entire palette.

IMG_7931Up next is the shade Rose Bronze, which I think looks exactly like what you would think it would look like, it’s a pretty rosy kind of bronze shade. This one leans into that pinky kind of family, but I think that’s probably to be expected since it’s called Rose Bronze. This color is gorgeous, it’s a beautiful mid tone shade, with pinky tone but it’s still a neutral. I’m a big fan of  this color because it is a very beautiful shade that is super easy to work with.

IMG_7932This is one of the darker shimmer shades, it’s a beautiful dark brown that’s pretty neutral toned, it doesn’t really lean either way to me. This one is called Dk. Mocha, it’s very pretty and quite a nice shimmery shade. I think this would probably look best in the outer v or maybe even as a liner, a way less harsh liner than a black liner which I think would look great depending on what kind of look you are going for. This shade is really blendable and very soft, it’s also one of the really very pigmented shades, as you can probably tell since all three swatches up there are almost the same.

IMG_7933Next up is the final shade and another shade that I don’t really see myself using a whole lot because it’s so dark, this is the shade Truffle. This shade is insanely pigmented, this is easily the most pigmented shade out of the whole bunch and it’s also very soft and easy to work with, it does have a little bit of fall out but it’s really not that bad. Lorac really does their darker shades well. I don’t really use darker shades like this that often so I probably won’t get a ton of use out of it, but it’s still really beautiful and a really pigmented shade that would be really easy to work with when I actually go for this shade.

That’s all I have to say about the palette itself in great detail and now I think I’m going to tell you guys my overall opinion on this palette, now that you’ve read way too much and probably can tell my feelings I’m still going to share a little bit more. Overall I really like this palette and think that it’s completely worth it, it’s not the most exciting palette and if you already have colors like this one then I wouldn’t suggest going for it, but for me it was something that I needed and am very impressed with.



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