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July 2016 Lifestyle Favorites

July was a pretty good month, it wasn’t super exciting but it was still a good month and overall pretty enjoyable, even if it was a little lackluster when it comes down to it. And now that we’ve spoken about all of the makeup and cosmetic type products it’s time to focus on some more lifestyle type favorites. I’m still not sure how long I’m going to keep these around because I’m not completely sure as to what to talk about sometimes so this may become something I do whenever I feel like it instead of feeling like I have to every month, but as of right now I’m going to talk about a few things that I’ve been loving over the month of July.

Up first is a show that I’ve recently really gotten into and both started and finished the first season in the month of July, which really means the last week of July because I was really into it. That show is Broadchurch, it’s on netflix and if you have time and like murder mystery type of crime shows then you should for sure watch it because it’s pretty great and I’m already ready for season two. Also David Tennant, that should be all I need to say.

I picked up a planner this month, which I believe I talked about briefly but I’m throwing in this post because it’s a favorite and something that I’m enjoying. I’m not fancy and don’t use a bunch of stickers and tape and stuff to decorate it but I do enjoy being able to write everything down and see what I have planned and what’s going on. I also like to write out my blog post schedule in this and I think this might be a nice keepsake kind of thing for when we really start wedding planning.

 My Kindle. I know this is something that I talked about last month and it’s back this month again because I’ve really been enjoying it, I finished reading a couple of books on it this past month and I’ve just really been into ready a lot this summer. I think summer is just an amazing time for reading so that’s what I’ve been doing a lot of.

Now for a couple of food favorites and the first is Trader Joe’s Coconut Chips and the other one is Trader Joe’s Chicken Fried Rice and I am all about both of these things. The coconut chips just make a really good snack and the fried rice makes for a really easy lunch or dinner if I’m feeling lazy, which has happened way more than I’d like to admit to but I’m still a fan of both.

And I think that’s all that I have to talk about for this month, I’ve really been enjoying all of these things and would recommend them all because they’re pretty great.



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