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August Weigh In 2016

It’s the time of the month where I talk about things I don’t want to talk about, which it isn’t always this way but this month I’m kind of not excited about this post because I don’t think I’ll be doing as good as I have been in the past couple of months. In case you couldn’t guess or didn’t know, I am writing most of this post before I weigh in because that’s what I usually do as I forget to weigh myself in the morning but start posts in the afternoon or at least after I’ve eaten one meal, so I try not to weigh myself but once a month and in the morning when I haven’t eaten anything, I’ve done this everytime for weigh in posts so that’s what I plan on doing still. Now, into the over view for the month.

I’m going to start by saying I have failed pretty badly with my goals, well two out of three which is really bad and makes me feel terrible. I’m going to talk about the goal that I have succeeded in and that is eating breakfast. I probably haven’t had breakfast every single day but probably at least 5 days a week which is what I am calling a success and I’m proud of myself for this.

The next two goals I have failed on and I’m really disappointed in myself  because one the goals really wasn’t that hard and really was probably the easiest one out of the three goals I set for myself and I’m ashamed that I didn’t do it. That was work out twice a week, I worked out for three times two weeks and then just dropped off again, I’ve really got to work on this one.

The next goal that I failed on was reaching 10000 steps five days a week, I knew that wasn’t going to happen but I tried and only got there a few times, I just end up walking as much as I thought I did and it’s really disappointing but at the same time I knew that I wasn’t going to get there.

Now let’s talk about my weight, I’ve had a bit of a set back and I’m not happy about it because this month I weighed in at 173 pounds, which is more than when I started. I was feeling pretty good the past couple of months because I consistently lost weight even if it was only three pounds but I was doing good and I have fallen back to what I was plus a pound. I’ve got to get back on track because I’m not really happy about this. So, let’s talk about my goals for the next month.

The first one is working out, I failed really hard last month and this next month I really want to get back to it so my goal for the next month is to get working out again. I think I’m going to keep the same goal and try to work out twice a week at least and if I do more than it’s great and if I don’t at least I got out and did something twice that week, so I will accomplish this goal and next month I’ll be able to talk about how I’ve achieved this goal.

Next up is another food goal because this past month I’ve been eating not great, seriously, as I’m typing this I’m baking cupcakes because I have no will power sometimes. But anyway, I’m hoping to start eating better this next month and I think that I’ll be able to tell you guys about how I’ve been eating better, while still eating cupcakes sometime because I’m not going to cut out junk completely because that is impossible for me and I know it. But yes, eating better will be a goal for this next month.

And the last one isn’t some physical that I want to accomplish but instead something more mental because I have a problem. I weighed myself today and was really beating myself up over it, which it does suck but I shouldn’t beat myself up so much about it because I’m perfectly fine however I want. I’m really bad about this because I have up and downs so bad, meaning I still have ups where I’m like ‘Screw it, I’m great and I don’t have to do anything because I am fabulous.’ and other days where I’m like ‘Ew, no, you suck so much.’ So I wanna work on that some, if that makes sense.

And this has been my monthly weigh in for August and I’m just going to leave it at that, thanks for reading!



One thought on “August Weigh In 2016

  1. I definitely understand the ups and downs and that’s it’s hard to work on improving that mental voice that analyses us. Many of us are our own worst critics. I wish you the best for figuring it out 🙂


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