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Lush Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb

Another Lush review, I still have quite a few products to review but I’m the slightest bit worried that I’m going to run out of products to review in the next few months, granted I say that and then they’ll release Halloween and Christmas items and I’ll have a ton of new things to try and talk about and get out there. I am super excited about the holiday products, they have all been announced and they look really fun and exciting. I love Lush. Anyway, this is supposed to be a review for my favorite regular line bath bomb from Lush so let me get back on track and talk about that.


This is my favorite bath bomb from the regular line, I’m a huge citrus lover and this bath bomb is a citrus lovers dream because it smells really like lemon, it’s very soft though so it’s probably not as in your face as you might think because I did say that it’s a citrus lovers dream, but it’s still a wonderful scent.

The scent of this is wonderful, it’s one of my favorites and I wish they made this scent in a few other products but I’m alright with just having Dragon’s Egg I guess. This scent is very soft and a kind of creamy citrus type of scent, especially when it hits the water. I think this smells like a mix of grapefruit and lemon scent with a little dash of vanilla in it, that’s probably completely wrong but that’s what it smells like to me.

I think this one is really fun once it’s in the water, it looks really boring because it’s just white on the outside and it looks like it might have a little pops of color in it but I feel like just by looking at it you may think this is one of Lush’s more boring bath bombs but it’s really not. The center is filled with a bunch of glitter and the core is a really light orange, so it ends up leaving your water an orangey yellow kind of color that is full of gold glitter. It’s quite beautiful and it’s one of my favorite bath bombs to watch fizz out because of that.

The only thing this bath lacks in is the feel, not that it really lacks but it’s nothing insanely special which for being my favorite regular line one might think that it would be really moisturizing but it’s not. It still feels great in the water and it makes me skin feel really soft, it’s pretty standard really but there’s nothing wrong with that.

This is a fantastic bath bomb and I would completely suggest picking this bath bomb up, it’s really fun, it smells really good and it’s called Dragon’s Egg, so what more could a person want?



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