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August 2016 Monthly Favorites

It’s time for some monthly favorites from me! I feel like I’m a little bit behind with my favorites but I didn’t want to skip a month so today I’m going to talk about the things that I’ve really been loving in August. I don’t have a lot of makeup products in my favorites this month for two reasons, the first being that I have had an allergic reaction to something I didn’t know I was allergic to twice this month, it only showed itself in my lips but because of that I just really didn’t really like wearing makeup a whole lot. The second being that I’m in the middle of a no buy, that has no been successful but I’ve only picked up things for a project that I’m working on but because of that I haven’t picked up a whole lot of new products. So, there’s a lot more body care type of product this month and I’m also going to be including lifestyle type favorites this month just because I’m not sold on making two favorite posts a month. So now let’s dive in.


Up first is a product that I’ve found at Tjmaxx and love so much that I’ve picked up all of them everytime I see them and that is the Asquith and Somerset Mango Sugar Scrub. I’ve seen two different designs from this brand and tjmaxx and the one that looks like the one above is the great one, I’ve nearly used one up and now I have two back ups, I really love it and I hope I still enjoy it when I’m in less the summery mood.

Up next is something that I’m not sure how I came across but I’m glad that I picked it up and that is the E.L.F. Illuminating Palette. I’m super glad that I picked this one up because I really love this little palette, it gives me a bunch of options and they are really soft and subtle, so they aren’t quite a highlighter that I normally love but I’m all about this.

This next one is something kind of random for me but it’s a necklace, a Citrine Necklace, to be more specific. I’ve been rocking this a lot this month, not entirely sure why but I’ve been drawn to this necklace a fair amount this past month and that’s why it’s here in the favorites post.

Burts Bees Lemon Butter Cucticle Cream is the next thing that I want to talk about, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but if I have I’m mentioning it again because I’m a really big fan of this one and think this is a great product. I haven’t tried a whole lot of cucticle creams but this one has been my favorite so far and my use of this is probably clear of how much I enjoy it, not that you can see that.

This next one is something that I didn’t think that I would like as much as I like it, and that is the Caudalie Eye Lifting Balm. I’m not entirely sure why I like this so much but I do, it feels kind of cooling when I apply it and I think that’s probably the biggest reason why I like it. I’m just really surprised and so far this has been a gem for me.

Pacifica Hawaiian Ruby Guava Roller Ball. This is something that I’m working on using up in my 23 by 23 and because of that I’ve been enjoying this a lot this past month, it’s a really great scent and I might even end up repurchasing this next year for the summer because this is a great scent for the summer time and I really love Pacifica.

This probably doesn’t come as a surprise but up next is Nivea A Kiss of Recovery. As I’ve probably said too many times now I’ve been having some lip issues and this has been a big help throughout the process, I think my lips is finally getting better but I’ll probably continue to use this especially as the cold weather starts to come.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer is the final product that I have to talk about that is photographed, and this is a fantastic product that I’ve been loving since I got it because it’s really great and since I don’t use it on my entire face it lasts for so long. I apply this mostly on my cheeks and nose and it does wonderfully there, so I’m a big fan.

Now I’m going to chat about a few things that I’ve been loving that are more lifestyle type things, or things that I couldn’t really photograph. First up I’m going to talk about an app and that app is Covet which is a game where you dress up for themes and you get voted on, which is how you earn things and it’s really fun. I stumbled upon this via an ad on another app and I’ve been playing it for probably a month straight now. Next up is the Kindle App on my phone, I’m still enjoying reading as it’s really fun and the app on my phone has been used quite a bit this past month. The last thing that I really want to talk about is Baking, not like the makeup kind but  actual baking, I’ve been baking a lot and have really been enjoying it during the month of August, so that’s been a favorite.

I think those are all of the favorites that I have to talk about this month, so I’m going to wrap this up and say I’ll be back next month with another monthly favorites.



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