2016 · Lush · Review

Lush Happy Birthday Bubble Bar

I have had this product waiting to be reviewed for way longer than I want to admit, at this point that’s how a lot of my reviews are because I have way more content that I can keep up with, I’m hoping to clear that up at some point but we’ll see how that goes. Anyway, I’ve decided to review this bubble bar this month because this is my birth month so it seemed really fitting to review this bubble bar this month. So, today we’ll be talking about Lush’s Happy Birthday Bubble Bar.


I’m going to start this post off a little bit on the negative and say that I was kind of disappointing because I was expecting this to smell like orange cake, that was what I had heard somewhere that it smelled like and that is not what this smells like at all. I like the smell of this alright but it’s just not what I was expecting it to smell like at all.

Let’s start out with the scent, this is for sure a floral bubble bar if you ask me and I’m not the biggest fan of floral scents but this one doesn’t really bother me as it’s a really soft kind of scent. I don’t pick up what flower this is exactly but it’s soft and very light, it’s enjoyable but not something that I would personally pick up again.

This bubble bar is a really pretty color and in turn ends up turning your bath water a really pretty color, it’s very soft and peachy which is a color that I really enjoy. I really love colors like this, they don’t show up well on camera but they are really milky and pretty which I enjoy a lot.

This bubble bar creates a less than exciting amount of bubbles, it’s not the best bubble bar that I’ve ever used and I’m not really that impressed with the amount of bubbles it makes. This one does feel really nice in the water though, it’s very soft and moisturizing which I really like, so it’s kind of a mix of things in this bubble bar.

So overall I am not a huge fan of this bubble bar and will not be picking it up again.



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