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Lush Jersey Bounce Shampoo Review

I have another Lush review today and then one is much newer and something that I’ve barely ever review, Lush hair care has never been my favorite but I think I’ve finally a product that I kind of really enjoy and have already used up completely so I should be able to give a full review on this one. I’m not sure how well I’ll do with that though because this is not a product that I review a lot but we’ll give it a go.


IMG_7975I think I’m going to start this review out by saying that I really love the smell of this, this almost smells like ocean salt but at the same time it smells a little bit different. I’m still a huge fan of the scent, it smells like lime and a little bit like salt, I really like that but as we all know I’m a huge fan of citrus scents.  And now that I’ve talked about the scent we can get into other things about this product.

This product is not vegan because it has both honey and eggs in it, so if you only use vegan products then this shampoo is not for you. Both of these ingredients are really great for softening and moisturizing which is why I like it because I have dry hair and love a moisturizing shampoo, this one was moisturizing but at the same time it didn’t make my hair super oily like some products that I’ve used in the past, which I really appreciate.  IMG_7974

This shampoo also has salt in it, as you can probably tell and that’s really great for cleaning the hair and it’s also helped out my scalp health a little bit too which I personally really like. The salt also helps with volumizing, which I don’t really need a lot of help with but at the same time I don’t really mind it because in my hair it kind of brings out the natural wave in my hair which is nice.

Now that I’m talking about this shampoo I really need to pick up more of it, maybe I will the next time I take a trip to Lush because I did actually enjoy this shampoo I just haven’t gotten around to ordering it and haven’t been to the store since fathers day stuff has come out. Overall I’m really happy with this shampoo and actually like it quite a bit, as you can probably tell.



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