23rd Birthday Adventures!

You may or may not know but my birthday was on September the 14th and I turned 23 years old, so I’ve decided to make a couple of posts about that because I can and I like to document things here that are happening in my life. And this one is going to be about my birthday and what I did because it was a pretty great day.

My birthday was a very good day and I was really happy, from the start to the end it was just a pretty damn great day. I ended up waking up ridiculously early but that was alright, that meant lounging around in be for a little while. I also took the day off as did my fiance, so we got to hang out together all day which is always enjoyable. I started my day out with a muffin and some presents, then got myself ready for the day and we headed out for an adventure of sorts.

The day out started with Chick-fil-a which I wasn’t expecting, I ate alot that day but it was my birthday, so that’s no surprise. Then we headed out to a newer and larger Ulta so I could do some shopping, I had 59 dollars worth of points and a ten dollar off birthday coupon so I had fun wandering around there and making a purchase, which will be coming soon in my next post. After that we went to Tjmaxx for a few minutes then went and lunch at smokey bones, which was really good.

After that we took a trip to old navy and then we headed back home to hang out for a bit before dinner, my fiance bought me sims 4 so I played that for a little while before we went to have dinner with my fiances parents. His mom made us crab cakes and homemade fries and then a coconut cream pie, it was really good and then we came home and went to bed because I was really tired.

So overall I had a really great birthday and it was really an enjoyable day.



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