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Lush Halloween Products

So, if you weren’t aware Lush has come out with their halloween products and they have officially released in stores today, so because of this exciting event I’ve decided to make a post talking about and sharing all of the items that are in the range. I have not gotten a chance to sniff any of these products yet so I can’t really give you my full opinion but I am going to talk about the description of these products and which ones I am lusting after, I’m excited so let’s get into talking about the Halloween range.


This is the first page and the most interesting page if you ask me, features all of the bath bombs which are what I’m probably most excited about.

Monster’s Ball Bath Bomb and I’m very excited about this one because it is lime scented and as a crazy Lushie I see lime scented at Halloween and really hope that it smells like Calacas, so here’s to hoping that’s what it smells like. Even if it doesn’t I like citrusy scents and this one I for sure want to check out, plus it’s a one eyed monster.

Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb I believe this is the third year that this bath bomb has been around and it is a cult favorite, this is one of three products that I have already sniffed and I am not a big fan of this one so I’m not excited about this one. If you like more earthy type scents then you’ll probably enjoy this one.

Pumpkin Bath Bomb is probably the one that I am most excited about because I’ve got a little bit of basic bitch in me, but I also really love spicy things like this and pumpkin pie so I’m hoping this one smells amazing.

Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb looks beautiful, it looks like it’s going to be really pretty in the water. This one doesn’t sound like it’s going to be up my alley for scent because it’s supposed to smell like grass, which isn’t my thing, but who knows maybe I’ll end up loving it?

Miaowzer Bath Bomb is the last one and I think that it’s really cute because cats, I love cats and I’m sure I’ll enjoy this bath bomb because it’s supposed to be candy scented so I’m jazzed about this one too.


Boo Bath Melt which is the cutest bath melt that I have seen since my beloved melting snowman and the little guy is supposed to have the zingy scent of ginger, which I’m not sure how I’m going to like but I’m excited to sniff it.

Goth Fairy Sparkle Massage Bar is not an item that I am personally excited about but I imagine a lot are, I’m just not excited because I’m imaging this is going to smell like comforter due to the blackcurrant scent. This seems cool though if you want a little bit of shimmer and moisture.


Fireside Soap sounds like it’s going to smell really good because it’s supposed to smell like vanilla, which sounds good to me. I also really like the appearance of the soap and am curious what it’s going to look like int store.

Magic Wand Soap I’m not sure how I feel about this one because it says charcoal but it also smells fruity, so I’ll have to wait and see with this one. Although, I’m not the biggest fan of bar soaps.

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar is one of the other products that I have smelled before as it’s been around for at least two or three years now, I’m not a fan myself but it’s very cute and sparkly. This one has a mix of Juniper berries and lime so it’s fruity, it’s just that I think the scent is too light.


Lord of Misrule Shower Cream which is the last item that I’ve smelled before and I’m not a fan of it either, it smells like the bath bomb as you would assume so it has the earthy, patchouli type of scent to it.

Pumpkin Giftset is one of the giftsets for the season, this one is wrapped in a really cute knot wrap which I always think are really nice. This one comes with Pumpkin bath bomb, Sparkly Pumpkin bath bomb, Lord of Misrule shower cream and Boo bath melt. I think this is a fantastic value and a really great gift to give to a friend or yourself.

Little Monster Giftset is also so adorable and a giftset for this range, this one is smaller but I still think this would make a fantastic gift for anyone who loves lush. This one has Monster’s Ball bath bomb and Boo bath melt, it’s a very simple one.

And that is the Halloween range that I am super excited about!




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