October Weigh In

I’m feel pretty good about myself, I do want to say that may be because I’m writing the intro to this post before I weigh myself, or that may be because I am feeling pretty good about how I’ve done this past month. I haven’t hit all of my goals this past month but I’ve been doing better and getting back on track, this has not been my best month and this entire journey has not been fantastic as it’s been up and down, but I’m alright with that as long as I try to stay on track.

Time to talk about how I did with the goals I set for myself last month and the first one was working out four days a week, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. I have no completed this if I am being completely honest, I’ve done four days probably two weeks, three once and two once in the past month, so not bad but not exactly what I wanted to do. I’m still really pleased with myself though because I made sure to workout at least twice a week, which was my goal for August.

The next was eating better, I’ve been doing better with this but not completely, not where I want to be anyway but I have been doing somewhat better in what I’ve been eating so I’m also not disappointed in myself with this goal either, even if I didn’t completely reach that goal.

And the last goal that I had last month was not beating myself up over not losing weight or looking exactly like I want right now, I think I’m finally starting to improve a lot with this and accept myself a bit better than I have been in the past, I’ve still had my off days but I think that I’ve been doing better about this and I’m very happy about that.

I have lost no weight since last month but I haven’t gained any weight either, which I’m not the happiest about but at the same time I’m happy about because I haven’t gained any weight either. I don’t have anything more to say really about this, my weight has been really simple this past month so now we can talk about my goals for the next month.

I’m going to attempt to work out four times a week again, so I’m carrying this goal into this next month too, I just think this is going to be my ultimate work out schedule and I am trying to get to it because I think four times a week is plenty but it’s been hard for me to completely commit to, so we’ll see how it goes this next month.

I’m also going to roll over eating better into this month, I feel like this is going to be heavily in my goals until the beginning of the year at least because we are entering holiday season which means a lot of food, good food but food that may not be the best for me, so I’m hoping to work on eating better a little more.

I’m going to carry last months last goal over too but I think I’m going to endless do that until I can really say that I’m comfortable with myself, even when I have a few bad days because that is bound to happen no matter what because I’m a person and people have bad days, but I’m still wanting to work on this.

 I’m also hoping to workout my brain a little bit, this probably doesn’t belong here but I want to work on that and try to read at least three books by my next check in next month, so I’m throwing this in here because my body isn’t always the only thing that needs working out.

So that’s all really and I’m still feeling pretty good about myself this past month.



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