Influenster: Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Color

Every so often I get sent something from Influenster and every time I’m really excited to see what I get and enjoy all of the goodies that are inside the box, and this time I’m very excited to get a chance to try these out. These are the Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Colors, I got two and the red color I passed along to someone who I knew would use it and the other is in the shade Constant Toast, which is a color that is right up my alley so I had to try that one out for sure. So, now let’s get into talking about this lip product.



imageI want to start out by saying that I was really surprised by this and it was a lot better than I expected it to be. But first, let’s talk about the photo to the left of this text, first I exfoliated and then moisturized, then a little bit later I applied the product and let it dry. I was super impressed with the speed that this dried down in, it completely dried within five minutes of application and was completely kiss proof, so that was super impressive to me. I also really loved the feeling of this on my lips, it was so light on the lips and I could barely feel it which I think is a fantastic thing to have in a liquid lipstick .





This picture is from four hours into wearing this product, I think it stills looks pretty good in the color, the application might be a little questionable but that’s mostly because my lips are really dry, as usual and I’m sure they’ll only get worse as the cold starts to come.  But other than that I think that this has worn pretty well and is standing up really well, this was also after eating Taco Bell so that was a little bit of a greasy mess but it withstood that which is also pretty impressive.







And this final photo is after nine hours of wear and it was pretty much almost worn off entirely, so this product for sure doesn’t last for 24 hours but I still think being able to wear it for almost eight hours is a really good long wearing liquid lipstick type product. I also think that the lip balm half is a fantastic addition to this product because it adds a nice moisture to the lips but dries back down matte, so I think that’s really nice. Overall I really like this product, I think it last really well and the color payoff is nice and the feel on the lips is really quite amazing. So I’m a fan of this one for sure and could completely see myself purchasing another one of these in the near future.


I didn’t mention this at the beginning but just to make sure that this is clear I got this product from Influenster completely for free but these are still my honest opinions.



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