2016 · Bath · Lush · Review

Lush Monster’s Ball Review

It’s time to start reviewing the halloween items from Lush, all three items that I picked up from the line that is. I decided to start off strong and start off with my favorite product from the range which is the Monster’s Ball Bath Bomb, it is easily the best one if you ask me and it may have snuck it’s way into my top ten favorite bath products, which I think is pretty impressive.


This little guy is so stinkin’ cute, I just can’t get over it, he looks look a cute little monster that’s ready for bath time and it’s just really adorable. This little guy is a really cool bath bomb but his eye is really special, it has a vegan chocolate chip for the pupil and the white of his eye is a little bath melt, which is a really nice added bit of moisturizer to the bath bomb I think.

Anyway, let’s get into talking about the details of the cute little monster bath bomb. Starting out I’m going to talk about the scent of this bath bomb, if you’re a big Lush fan and have ever smelled the Calacas scent then when you pick up this little guy you may be hit with a familiar fragrance because this bath bomb shares it’s scent with the Calacas scent, it’s pretty spot on. But in case you don’t know what that smells like let’s talk about that, this is a citrusy scent, which are some of my favorite scents, and this one a great one. It smells of lime and kind of like candy, it’s a sweeter scent and really reminds me of lime gummy candy, that is the best description that I can come up for this scent family.

This scent also has a little bit of a bite to it, it smells almost a tiny but like an alcoholic drink, not overwhelming at all but it has a little bit of that type of bite to the scent. I really love the way it smells, it’s citrusy, a little bit sweet and has a bit of a bite to it, so a really nicely rounded scent I think.

The scent also explodes when it hits the water, it really filled my bathroom with the scent and I was so happy about that since it does smell so good.

And now that I’ve got the scent out of the way I’m going to talk about the appearance of this bath bomb, which you will be able to see in action to the right of this text and down below, I finally remembered to take some photos of bath bombs while they’re in action. This one is pretty cool in the bath tub, not the most exciting one but it’s still fun to watch and see the shades of purple and blue swirl together and turn the water a really gorgeous shade of purple, what’s also really fun with this bath bomb is to see the eyeball from the monster float around in the bath tub and the midst of the swirls of purple and blue.

imageI think the last thing to talk about is the feel of this in the water and on my skin, maybe even how long the scent lasts on my skin too. I’ll start with that, this actually stays on my skin quite well and I can smell the scent on my skin for a few hours after I take a bath, which is quite nice.

The feel of this in the bath is so nice, it’s really soft and moisturizing, it feels so silky which is probably because of the little eyeball that this monster bath bomb has in it. I think it really makes a difference and steps up this bath bomb into something a little bit extra and more than just a regular bath bomb, it for sure is better than your average Lush bath bomb in terms of the feeling in the water.

I think this does really nice things for my skin, I left the bath quite moisturized, which as a kind of dry skinned person is something that I don’t mind at all and quite enjoy.

So overall I really like this bath bomb and may have stocked up on a few of these,  I just really love the scent and don’t want to be without it at all, or at least for a little while, especially since winter is coming and this is a quite moisturizing one.



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