2016 · Bath · Lush · Review

Lush Pumpkin Bath Bomb Review

It’s time for another Halloween review, this is my second of the season and there’s just one more after this one for the season. I was super excited about this one because it sounded like it was going to be amazing , it sounded like it was going to smell like a spicy piece of pumpkin pie, but that is not what it turned out being, but we will get into that in the review below.

imageSince I started talking about the scent above this I think that I’m going just dive in and talk about the scent of this little guy. This is described as smelling spicy and of vanilla and cinnamon, which sounded amazing and I was really excited to get my hands on this bath bomb because of that but it does not smell like that at all to me, which is super disappointing. I just wanted my bath to smell like a piece of pie, gosh I really wish they would bring back Melting Snowman. Anyway, I do like the scent of this personally it just wasn’t what I was expecting at all, I dropped this in the water and a really quiet citrusy scent exploded in my bathroom, which was not what I was expecting at all. I love the way this smells still but it isn’t anything like I thought it would be so be warned of this. I can’t really identify the scent exactly, like the type of citrusy, but it a very potent and clean kind of citrus scent, it doesn’t really have notes of anything else and I don’t think that it smells anything like any other Lush citrus scent that I’ve ever smelled before.

Now that I’ve rambled on for way too long about the scent of this bath bomb I’m going to talk about the appearance of this bath bomb, first with how it looks before as you can see above. I think this is super cute and very festive for the Halloween range it’s perfect and hits the nail on the head really, which I don’t mind at all. Now onto this in the water, which you can see to the right of this and down below, I tried not to spoil what any of the seasonal bath bombs looked like until I tried them so I wasn’t sure what to expect with this one but I was kind of disappointed with this one. I wasn’t really expecting much but I was expecting something to be in the middle of this one. I tossed this one into the bath and it fizzed out really quickly, this one is probably one of the quickest fizzing bath bombs that I have ever used. And as I watched it fizz away it was just orange, nothing else really, I think there was a little bit of yellow to it but for the most part the orange just took over the water in this bath.

imageThe feel of this bath bomb in the water isn’t anything really special, which isn’t really surprising because average is average for a reason. It does feel nice and soft in the water and makes my skin feel incredibly soft, but it just doesn’t introduce a lot of moisture into my skin.

Overall I really liked this bath bomb, it wasn’t what I was expecting at all really but I still liked it. I don’t think this is anywhere near my favorite bath bomb but it was really nice. The only thing is I wish that I could have smelled one that smelled of cinnamon and what I’m imagining smelled like pie, that would have been great, but alas it doesn’t smell like that but it’s still nice. I probably won’t be picking up anymore of these this season but I will enjoy and keep using up the ones that I already have.






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